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What Is FTX Stock: Know Everything About FTX Tokenized Stocks

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FTX Stock

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There is a new trend in the crypto market that is the purchase and trade of Tokenized stocks. Cryptocurrency exchange FTX is one of the best places to trade Tokenized stocks.

FTX offers USA-based listed stock assets to trade using on the digital platform. If you are new to tokenized stocks then you should aware of FTX stocks.

Let’s understand more about FTX stock.

What Is FTX Stock?

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong it was founded in the year 2019 and currently it is one of the most active and known cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

The last 24-hour trading volume is 122.3K Bitcoin. The team behind FTX is the Alameda Research team.

So now What is FTX Stock? It is not any separate platform or service. It is just part of the FTX exchange where you can trade stock assets using cryptocurrencies.

You can trade stock assets that are listed on the US Stock market. Some of them are Uber, Tesla, BlackBerry, Gamestop, and many more.

There are more than 50 assets you can trade including the future markets for the same stock. All the available stocks are custodied by CM-Equity. So by joining or purchasing FTX stocks you become the customer of CM-Equity automatically.

How To Purchase Tokenized Equity On FTX

To purchase tokenized equity stocks on FTX you have to register on their website. To register visit their website and click on the register button. After registration, you have to verify your email.

Make sure you have activated 2FA and verified your account.

After that, you have to add funds to your wallet in order to purchase stocks. Once you have funded your account with money you can purchase stocks easily.

Now when you have funds in your account click on the Stocks button. You can choose any tokenized stocks you want to buy.

FTX Stocks KYC

You have to submit KYC twice. At first, you have to submit KYC to the FTX platform and next you have to submit KYC to CM-Equity AG.

And at the end Complete a brief questionnaire from CM-Equity AG. These questions are simple and related to your trading experiences. Click here to visit the KYC page. KYC process mostly takes few business days.

KYC might take more time if they have lots of requests for KYC.

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About CM-Equity Company

CM-Equity is a Germany-based financial institution. It is fully regulated under German laws. You can find their office in Munich, Germany. They are associated with Blockchain Bundesverband, Partner of VBANK – Die Bank der Vermögensverwalter, Member of the German Association of Independent Asset Managers, and Blockchain Bayern e.V.

As an FTX user, you agree to become a CM-Equity customer while applying for KYC. It provides brokerage services. All trades perform on FTX stocks are moving through CM-Equity.

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