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Ethereum Mining Comparison: Ethpool Vs Ethermine [2023]

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on June 16, 2023 by cryptocreed

In a previous article, I showed you the comparison between Ethermine and 2Miners pools. So you can choose one as per your requirements.

At the time of publishing, this comparison article Ethereum price is $2348.

If you don’t own any Ethereum coin then you should have at least one now. You can purchase Ethereum coins from any trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

Let’s start our Ethpool vs Ethermine comparison.

Basic Information of Ethermine and Ethpool

Ethpool and Ethermine both have different websites but their design is the same and most people get confused with that.  For them, both are different but the destination of the pool is the same.

It was started in the year 2014 and currently covers 21% of the total market hash rate. Their servers are available in three continents are Asia, European Union, and the USA.

Pool Rewarding Ways

Ethpool: Solo miners do use them and as they do use their payment is also based on Solo users. Ethpool takes 1% as a fee from your earned or mined coin.

Ethermine: They do have PPLNS rewarding method and they claim that PPLNS is far better than the PPS method. They took a 1% fee.

Ethereum Pool Hashrate

The current hash rate for the Ethereum network is 103.6 TH/s on Ethermine and on Ethpool hash rate is 137.1 GH/s.  

This data is for the current situation, numbers can get changed in the future hence do check on their website for more accurate details.

Numbers Of Miners

Ethpool: They have 741 active Ethereum miners and 1155 Ethereum workers. A few months back they stopped accepting new registration so do check if they are accepting now or not.

Ethermine: It has more than 646K workers and more than 237K active miners.

Block Hash Rate

0.04 B/H

55.71 B/H

Other Cryptocurrency To Mine

Ethermine and Ethpool both support almost the same coin. Ethereum, ZCash, and Ethereum Classic. Both of these pools have started supporting Beam and RVN.

Customer Support

Yes, there is no live chat support or call. What you can do is simply read their pages from knowledgebase or can create a ticket.

Most probably users get their answers from their support page itself. But those who don’t get their issue solved can create a ticket that gets a reply within 24 hours.

The support page for both of them is the same, https://support.bitfly.at/support/home.

Withdrawal Details

Ethermine: The Ethermine minimum payout is 0.05 Ethereum and the maximum withdrawal is 10 ETH each day.

EthPool: The payout methods and details are the same for Ethpool too.

Conclusion: In my opinion, both are the best and most easy-to-use mining pools. If you are a solo miner then go with Ethpool and if you are a regular miner then Ethermine is best for you. Choose one according to your requirements.

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