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5 Best Ethereum Classic Mining Pools To Mine ETC Coin

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Do you want to mine Ethereum Classic coin and looking for the best ETC coin mining pool? I am going to list the best mining pools.

Ethereum Classis is the fork of Ethereum which was first introduced in the year 2016.

Ethereum Classic is a decentralized computing platform that executes smart contracts. Applications are running exactly as programmed without the possibility of censorship, downtime, or third-party interference.

Ethereum Classic is a distributed network consisting of a blockchain ledger, native cryptocurrency (ETC), and a robust ecosystem of on-chain applications and services.

What Is Ethereum Classic Coin

ETC coin is the hard fork of Ethereum coin which is the second most famous cryptocurrency. It was forked in the year 2016. It has a total supply of 210,700,000 ETC. Currently, it is in the 37th position according to coinmarketcap data.

The current rate of ETC coin is $6.35.

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Best Ethereum Classic Mining Pool


EtherMine is one of the largest ETC coin mining pools it covers more than 30% of the total ETC mining network. They have more than 4200 active miners with a hash rate of 2.2 TH/s. It generates 83.75 blocks/h.

You just need to choose your mining server and software to start mining ETC.

They have a fee of 1% only with a real-time PPLNS payout scheme. You can withdraw your earnings instantly to your wallet.


It has a network hash rate of 672.1 GH/s while covering more than 10% of the total mining network.

The mining rewards on MiningPoolHub depends on four different factors. which are block finding, transaction fee, uncle reward, and uncle inclusion incentive. You can view them below.

1) Block finding Reward: 3.2 ETC
2) Transaction Fee: gas spent
3) Uncle Reward: 2.8 ETC, 2.4 ETC, 2 ETC, 1.6 ETC, 1.2 ETC, 0.8 ETC
4) Uncle inclusion incentive: 0.2 ETC, 0.1 ETC


If you are about to mine cryptocurrency and didn’t hear about Nanopool then you are really missing out on many things.

NanoPool is one of the famous mining pools in the crypto world. They have more than 1600 miners mining ETC using this pool.


  • World-wide mining pool
  • Regular payouts
  • Nicehash compatible
  • Friendly support
  • Optimized infrastructure
  • Email notifications
  • Adjustable payout limit
  • 3rd party apps: iOS/Android

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F2Pool was launched as a private pool but later they opened themselves to the public and currently it is one of the top cryptocurrency mining pools.

They also have a mobile app through which you can track your activity from anywhere and anytime.

The minimum payout is 0.1 ETC and their rewarding method is PPS.

Click here to know different types of mining payment methods.


2Miners has a data center in Europe, the US, and Asia region. They are known for their 24/7 customer support. You will rarely find any cryptocurrency mining support operates 24/7.

It covers 3.3% of the total ETC coin mining pool network. Supports PPLNS and Solo mining.

The minimum payout is 0.1 ETC coin.

Some Other Best ETC Mining Pool

Ethereum Classic Mining Calculator

To calculate how much you can mine each day or each month or annually you need to use the calculator. I suggest using the Whattomine (https://whattomine.com/coins/162-etc-ethash) ETC mining calculator for your profitability prediction.

Ethereum Classic Mining Software

Above sites that I mentioned offer their own mining software. You can visit their website and download their software to use.

Ethereum VS Ethereum Classic Mining Comparison

Both coins are trusted and high market cap mining both coins are profitable but if you check difficulty then the Ethereum Classis coin is less in comparison to ETH. Check the below table.

Coin Network Hashrate Network Difficulty
Ethereum 7.98 TH/s 3.68 P
Ethereum Classic 229.38 GH/s 92.9 T

Ethereum Classic Mining Contract

MiningRigRentals is the best place to purchase an ETC mining contract online. You don’t need to purchase any hardware or equipment to start ETC mining. You can mine more than 100 coins. Ethereum Classic Mining Pools.


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