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Easy-Mining OS Review: EMOS Is Safe For Miners Or Not?

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Last Updated on December 27, 2022 by cryptocreed

EMOS or Easy Mining OS is quite popular among miners who belong to France. It is totally dedicated to miners who are from France but they definitely do not restrict anyone from accessing their platform or OS.

As Ethereum has changed from proof of work to proof of stake, it is not possible to mine coins anymore but yes there are many more popular and mineable coins like ETC, zCash, RVN, and more.

If you are planning to use EMOS for your mining purpose then take a look at this Easy-Mining OS review to know if it is safe or not and what other EMOS alternatives can generate more revenue.

What Is EMOS or Easy-Mining OS?

First, people get confused with EMOS and Easy Mining OS, mostly they think both are different things, but it is not. EMOS is a short form of Easy-Mining OS.

Easy Mining OS claims to provide 3 click mining experience to users, it can be used by anyone whether he is a beginner or an expert in the field of mining.

Miners can easily manage and monitor their rigs remotely from anywhere in the world. With your device, you can check the status of your mining rigs and can change it according to your needs.

The main of launching EMOS is to provide an easy mining experience to miners that they are not getting on other software like Claymore, Ewbf, or SGMiner-GM.

RaveOS and HiveOS are the best alternatives to EMOS.

Features Of EMOS

No one is going to use any random mining software if you can’t provide something new or beneficial to miners. Emos is not only simple to use but it also provides other features that are cool for miners and attract them towards EMOS.

Let’s check out each unique or best feature of Easy-Mining OS.

  • Configuration via local GUI
  • You can save your mining configuration and load them according to your needs
  • GPU overclocking
  • You can manage your fan automatically no need to check every time.
  • The Telegram bot helps you to get updates regarding hash info, online or offline rig, temperature, and consumption.
  • Easy to switch your templates, every time you configure the rig it will get saved and can be used later when needed.
  • Enable 2FA to secure your account

Easy-Mining OS Pricing

EMOS offers free account creation and paid as well. In the free version, there will be a fee of 0.20% on the rig, and paid one will cost you 2 EURO per month.

Features of EMOS Free Account: 0.20% Fee

  • Access to the RigManager
  • Access to the RigCenter
  • Rig available 24 hours a day
  • Template management
  • Redirection to EMOS proxiesEasy_

Features of EMOS+ Account: 2.00 EURO per month

  • Access to the RigManager
  • Access to the RigCenter
  • Rig available 24 hours a day
  • Template management
  • Managing sub-users
  • Wallet book
  • Remote SSH
  • Private API access
  • Personal Telegram Bot
  • Removal of EMOS proxies

EMOS Links

Website: https://easy-mining-os.com

Forum Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2837795.20

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