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Learn & Earn Lit Protocol Airdrop Quiz Answers

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Lit Protocol has hosted its airdrop campaign on the 101.xyz platform. 101 is an online crypto-dedicated course platform that rewards users for completing courses for different projects.

Rewards can be in any form, but most airdrop rewards here are related to NFTs. In Lit protocol airdrop you will get an NFT badge. Badges might not generate revenue for you but they can help you to get access to protocols exclusive rewards & communities.

Lit Protocol is open-source, decentralized cryptography for access control, computing, and encryption.

Currently, there are two courses you can complete to gain access to your own NFT badge. Answers are for your education only. If you found them useful then do not forget to share them on social media.

Lit Protocol Airdrop Quiz Answers: Intro To Lit Protocol

Q1. What is Lit Protocol?

Answer. A decentralized key management network

Q2. What CAN’T you build with Lit?

Answer. A centralized key custodian with a single point of failure

Q3. At its core, what is Lit an attempt to do?

Answer. Decentralized public key cryptography

Q4. What is one cryptographic primitive that Lit relies on?

Answer. Threshold cryptography

Q5. What programming language are Lit Actions written in?

Answer. Javascript

Q6. What inherent capabilities make Lit Actions so powerful?

Answer. They are blockchain agnostic and can access off-chain data in their computation

Q7. What process do the Lit nodes use to generate new key pairs?

Answer. Distributed Key Generation (DKG)

Q8. Is Lit a blockchain?

Answer. No

Q9. What is one example of an access control condition?

Answer. A user holds at least 0.1 ETH in their wallet

Q10. Does Lit provide data storage directly?

Answer. No, Lit can be used to encrypt content stored on a provider of your choice, such as IPFS or Ceramic

Q11. What does Lit use to verify that a user meets a particular condition?

Answer. A signature from their wallet

Q12. Where are Lit Actions stored?

Answer. IPFS

Q13. How can you integrate Lit into your own applications?

Answer. Installing the Lit JS SDK -> it’s as easy as pie!

Q14. Where can you learn more about Lit?

Answer. Our developer docs

Q15. Where is the best place to go for developer support?

Answer. Our Discord

Q16. What should you do if you would like to start building with Lit?

Answer. Apply for grant

Lit Protocol Airdrop Quiz Answers: Exploring Lit Actions

Q1. What are Lit Actions?

Answer. A

Q2. How do Lit Actions and PKPs work together?

Answer. A

Q3. If there is no PKP associated with a Lit Action, what Is Expected?

Answer. D

Q4. What is Considered a Proof on Lit?

Answer. D

Q5. What does the `signECDSA` function do?

Answer. A

Q6. What does the `executeJS` function do?

Answer. A

Q7. What is the threshold to obtain a Signature from the Lit Nodes?

Answer. B

Q8. What is Possible with Lit Actions?

Answer. C

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