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MMP OS Review: Mining With MMP OS Is Safe Or Not?

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on August 15, 2023 by cryptocreed

Looking for a new and premium platform for your mining then you must have a look at MMP OS Review. The mining platform that is paid but claims to be best for miners.

There are many mining platforms out there used by different miners but MMP OS is a bit different because of the features that it offers. To know more about features scroll down and check out why MMP OS features are best.

In this article on MMP OS review, you will get to know the basics of MMP OS, how to set it up, what to avoid, good & bad, and much more.

Click here to register on MMP OS to get 180 Credits for free.

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What Is MMP OS?

MMP OS is a mining operating system optimized for better and more stable mining performance. It is one of the most stable and easy-to-use mining systems as claimed by the website.

MMP OS is a fully Ubuntu-based Linux OS that runs agents to handle memory timing, mining management, and overclocking.

For those who prefer Windows over Linux, it provides a standalone Windows agent too. All mining things are managed through your own unified mining dashboard.

MMP OS offer paid service where you can use up to 14 devices for free plus to test out the platform it gives you 180 for free.

How To Join MMP OS?

Like any other mining platform joining process on MMP OS is also quite simple and easy. First, click here to visit their website and then click on Create A Free Account.

It will show you the registration form where you have to enter your name, email, password, and referral code (optional). If you use our link then you will find that the referral code is already there.

After adding all asked details click on Create A Free Account. After verifying your email you can log in to your account to access the mining dashboard.

New users will get free 180 credits for almost 260 days.

MMP OS Features

They are known for their features as well which makes them a better mining ecosystem for miners and every coin miner.

Supports More Than 60 Coins

MMP OS is one of those mining platforms that support such big numbers of coins. You can use it to mine any coin you want if you don’t find your coin in their list then use contact support to tell them that you want to mine another coin. The team will review and add your coin.

Some popular supported coins are Bitcoin, Aeternity, Anon, Firo, Flux, Monero, Ton, Raven, Nimiq, Kadena, Ethereum Classic, Beam, etc.

Dedicated Mining OS & Supports Windows 10

Miners can manage their Windows and mmpOS rigs through their unified dashboard. The highly optimized Ubuntu-based Linux OS booting right of an SB stick.

Supports GPU, CPU, and Acorn Mining

AMD: Tahiti(partial support – HD 7950,7970,7990,280,280x) – voltage and clocks are unsupported Tonga (R9 380, 380x) Hawaii(290, 390, 390X) Polaris (RX 460,470,480,550,560,570,580,590) Radeon Vega(56, 64, FE) Radeon VII Navi (RX 5500, 5600XT, 5700, 5700XT) Big Navi(RX 6600XT, 6700XT, 6800, 6800XT, 6900XT) NVIDIA: Maxwell(750Ti, 960, 970, 980) Pascal(GTX 1050, 1060, 1070, 1070Ti, 1080, 1080Ti) Turing(GTX 1650, 1660, 1660Ti, 1660 SUPER, RTX 2060, 2060 SUPER, 2070, 2070 SUPER, 2080, 2080 SUPER, 2080Ti) Ampere(RTX 3060Ti, 3070, 3080, 3090) Ampere LHR(RTX 3060, 3060Ti, 3070, 3070Ti, 3080, 3080Ti) Mixed rigs are supported too.

Multiple Miners At Once

You can use it to mine the same or different coins at once by running multiple miners at once

Mobile Friendly

The miners are not always on their desktops hence it needs to have control of mining through mobile. MMP OS is fully mobile-compatible and optimized to work on both mobile and desktop.

Referral Program

They are running an attractive and beneficial referral program where you and your friend will get benefits. If you refer your friend and he purchases credit then you will get 10% of his purchase and your friend will get a 10% bonus on his purchase.

Check out their official announcement to know more about MMP OS.

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