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Dent Crypto – Tokenizing the Mobile Data Industry

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Dent Wireless Ltd was founded in 2014 HQ in Honk Kong. Nowadays using the internet is one of the basic needs in a human being’s life. This is a generation of technology and digital but still less than half of the world’s population using mobile data. Mobile data required everywhere in the office, for personal use, to entertainment and etc.

But because of the price of this data’s are very high people using only till their work need and most people not afford to use heavy price data. Different regions and operators have different prices, every operator charges on their costing. The price of the internet varies from 1USD/GB to 10USD/GB. Sometimes customers are not able to use all their data within validity time and they lose their unused data.

How to buy dent crypto?

You can buy dent token on Binance.

What is dent token price?

As we all know the price of crypto (dent token price) changes every sec, the current Dent crypto price is $0.00033837.

What are the best dent crypto wallets?

It is an ERC20 based token hence you can use any Ethereum wallet to store them.

Dent Crypto is a blockchain-based marketplace where users can easily sell, buy, and donate their unused mobile data with other users. Dent enables “Data Sharing Economy”. The mobile data can be sell or buy using DENT tokens only.

Dent token is a new coin. Large operators from worldwide easily can get connected with the Dent platform and to provide cheap mobile data. Dent Crypto is the global mobile data exchange, similar to the currency exchange platform is. More than 4.8 Billion USD data are not used by users.  By using Dent this 4.8 B USD data can convert into usage one.

DENT Crypto has a mobile app and web app, web app allows users to quote feeds, order book, market depth, their orders, order history, open order and etc.

The web app is easy to use and access. Dent Crypto has an attractive design in both web app and mobile app, the mobile app is the same as a web app but as DENT’s mobile app will available it is easy to buy or sell unused data. The mobile app works similarly to the web app.

The roadMap is designed in three-phase, after the third phase DENT Crypto will buy and sell mobile data without having any major problems.

In phase, one DENT Crypto will organize to connect customers in affective countries with DENT token sale and giving bonus sign up data. Will launch DENT exchange on ethereum blockchain. Partner with telcos to offer mobile data packages and enable users to use data transfer.

Phase two, growing the DENT community and operator partner to allow users to sell or buy mobile data across the network. For multinational operator partners, Exchange represents a platform to facilitate across the border data transfer for their user base. Also here users can donate mobile data in developing countries.

Phase three, In this phase DENT Crypto, will provide international data offers by DENT exchange. Agreement with public bodies such as EU regulation and with other countries wich remove roaming fees within the aggregated countries. Users are able to buy and sell at the international level.

Here is the best example was given by DENT Coin team in the whitepaper:

Mike is a customer of a US carrier, he owns 2,000 DENT Token. As he lands in Australia, he accesses the DENT marketplace at the airport through Wi-Fi and buys the mobile data he needs. This data could, for example, have been offered by Jane, who is a customer of an Australian carrier. Mike needs no extra agreements with any carrier, no SIM card changes, he just starts to use his phone on the Australian network. Jane is happy to earn DENTs and will spend them on her next trip to Europe during her summer holidays. Mike’s US carrier earns transaction fees, and Jane’s Australian carrier has increased his utilization against his respective cost share.

 Current rate of DENT 400,000 DENT = 1 ETH  

DENT crowd sale will take place on 12th July 2017 and it will run till 26th July 2017 or when 70,000,000,000 DENT tokens get sold. 100 Billion total tokens are created for crowdfunding, in ETH offered in token sale 152 000 ETH.

70 percent tokens for presale, if any token will get unsold in crowd sale will get added to the company inventory and will remain locked for 6 months with releasing it 25 percent quarterly. Thirty percent DENT token remains in the company for telco acquisition, user incentives, salaries and etc.

Bonuses for early birds, a 10 percent bonus will be allotted to users who join up to 45000 ETH sold. 5 percent bonus from 45000 ETH to 90000 ETH and after that no bonus will be distributed.

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