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BitJob Coin – Decentralized marketplace for students

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Bitjob is a new platform for students was based on blockchain technology. For online short-term jobs, BitJob introduced a decentralized P2P student marketplace on the Ethereum Blockchain. BitJob is a life changer for students, there are many students who have not completed their studies because of financial problems.

Students want to do a job to pay their college fees but because of time and no certificate students didn’t get a job. Here is a solution for this type of student, is BitJob. Students can get change their living lives with the help of BitJob.

This platform provides jobs opportunity for students. Students can find and do jobs on BitJob and can get paid in cryptocurrency or in cash. This interacts with non-crypto-related users too to join the crypto world and understand blockchains’ benefits.

What is bit job price?

BitJob Coin is not listed on any exchange site hence we can say BitJob price is null.

Here students who are looking for jobs can connect with the bit job marketplace and can choose the job which they prefer to do. bitjob coin

After completion of work and acceptance by the employer students will get their payment instant in their choice of payment, in cryptocurrency, or in fiat currency. Resumes are replaced by Dynamic Portfolio Resumes, students can build their names in the marketplace to present their work in a DPR. With the help of the affiliate program, BitJob planned to connect more and more students from all over the world.

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How did the BitJob idea emerge? when the owners are students they faced the need for money problems and after completed graduate and enter the labor market, they faced many more problems. So teammates planes to connect students with employers for small online jobs, so students can earn while learning. bitjob coin

How will the registration process happen, BitJob is using Ethereum technology which ensures transparency of the project. But still, there is a need to authenticate everyone to make the platform clean. In these four-step, we can see how to authenticate yourself. bitjob coin

  1.  BitJob Student’s  Identify: The students have to fill in the required data at the BitJob UI application. By analyzing the supplied data as proof of ownership, UI applications make sure students is a legit entry.
  2. BitJob User UI Application: Student’s identity will be sent to students member list storage from UI application, this will be Students ID number. The storage will return the UI application approval for the Authenticated data.
  3. Identity Partner’s like Universities:  Information will be added on blockchain and each new update from universities will be stored and sent as text keys.
  4. Blockchain Data Check: In this stage, data will compare to the blockchain ledger.
  5. Affiliate Validation: To spread the word of BitJob to the world, the Team planning to launch an affiliate program. Members will get rewarded for every activity done by new users who come with your referral link. bitjob ico.

BitJob launched its own BitJob token to process all the transactions. The BitJob token name is BitJob STU a Student Coin is based on the Ethereum platform. BitJob support other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and etc.

This coin will be exchangeable with fiat currencies and on exchange platforms with other crypto coins. BitJob’s coin can be used on BitJob for payments or incentives to students. All affiliate rewards will be pay in BitJob STU. All other person developers, founders, and investors will get their rewards in BitJob token. BitJob coin

100,000,000 Bitjob STU tokens will be created during coin offering campaigns. Estimate, 1 Ether equals 1000 STU, this price was based on the BitJob whitepaper. The price will change with the change in the price of Ethereum so the final value will be known on emission days. bitjob exchange

In BitJob ico, 60,000,000 Bitjob tokens will be distributed to contributors,60 percent. For founders, 10 percent will reserve, pre-sale contributor 4 percent. bitjob exchange 

Ambassadors, development team, and escrow will allot 2-2 percent. The consultant team and for stabilization of the distributed network at an early stage will receive 8 and 6 percent. Media bounty and bug bounty has 5 and 1 percent of the total token. bitjob exchange

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