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Indorse: Decentralised Professional Networking Platform

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021 by cryptocreed

Indorse is the platform where users can do fun and earn rewards for their skills and activities on the platform. Indorse is totally different from traditional platforms like Facebook. Indorse is launch with the aim of giving back ownership of the data to the users for their contribution.

It is an Ethereum blockchain technology-based decentralized professional network platform. Blockchain is a platform to show your innovative ideas to the world.

To incentivize members for adding their skills or accomplishments indorse uses internal indorse rewards and reputation score system. The main way to earn revenue is an advertisement, free space on the platform will available for advertisers, here members can share their contents by paying subscribed fees to the platform. The payments will be done in the IND token within the platform.

Core features & Components

Indorse platform was a mixture of few technologies, Ethereum, IPFS/Swarm, and whisper. By using IPFS and Ethereum blockchain we invasion indorse platform as a serverless and decentralized architecture. The members have two roles to join for a claimant and moderator. Here claimant makes a claim with his profile. The claim may be of professional skill or personal skill by adding proof of information with every claim. Here moderators verify every single claim and with the rule, they indorse it or reject it. Indorse using the Score mechanism which was similar to Proof of Stack. Indorse Score provides a stake reputation of claimant or moderators on the claim or indorsement. Reputation will get an increase with acceptance of their claim and negatively it will decrease with the rejection of the claim.

Indorse will be integrated with the following third-party apps.

Indorse DE- It was building a Deployment Engine or DE for profiles and content tying them back to the tokens and Ethereum contracts.

IPFS:  InterPlanetary File System is a decentralized DropBox. Important information like content, documents, claims, profile updates, and endorsement are will stored in this Storebox.

uPort: It is a system by which the identity of members can get verified with their real identity.

Spectrum: it is an online or offline wallet for ethereum which was under development by Digix. It will use to make payments as it is easy and secure to use.

ThierPre-ICO was already started on 15th July and will end on 3rd Aug 2017, only accept Ether and BTC. The crowd sale will take place on 8th Aug 2017. The token ticker is IND ICO will accept only ETH . 1 ETH equals 1000 IND. The maximum cap is 50,000 ETH and Minimum Cap is 5000 ETH.

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