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XCH4NGE P2P Crypto Exchange – Review

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on April 5, 2021 by cryptocreed

XCH4NGE is the new peer to peer crypto exchange service. Which claims themselves better than localbitcoins in many ways like UI, No fees for buyers, Help support and security of the site. Let’s check out some benefits of XCH4NGE.

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Localbitcoins is the one of the trusted and oldest P2P bitcoin exchange. It is safest way to exchange your Bitcoin. But it has lack of some best features which XCH4NGE has. We reviewed some of XCH4NGE’s features.

KYC Policy: There are three tiers of KYC. Required email & mo number for deposit and trade. In 2nd tier, requires email, mo number and proof of identity for deposit, trade and withdraw. And in last tier users requires email, mo number, proof of identity and bank details. There is no or less chance of scam if there are verified users.

Zero fees for buyers: XCH4NGE doesn’t charge any fee from buyers. And there is hidden unlikely other sites.

Support: This is what I check first on all sites. XCH4NGE live support is very fast and helpful too. They mostly reply within a 10-20 second.

2FA security: Users can secure their account by adding 2FA or MFA authentication. After login click on profile and then security, you can find details here.

Coins supported: At the time of writing XCH4NGE supports 5 major cryptocurrencies are XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Litecoin. LocalBitcoins supports only bitcoin.

Legal details: According to the website site is a registered company. Companies office address is 45 Hertford street London, UK. The registration number is 11161068.

For updates regarding project or platform join their Telegram and Twitter for official updates.

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