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Update 2020: They are not Active for the last 1 and a half years.

The cryptocurrency era was started with the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin and now Bitcoin is covered more than 35 Billion USD of market capitalization.

It is the most accepted cryptocurrency for now. After the creation of Bitcoin many altcoins are created, altcoins mean coins that are cryptocurrency but not Bitcoin, for example, Ethereum, DashCoin, and Dimcoin. Dim is a new altcoin available in two different versions is DIMCOIN and DIM Currency. DIMCOIN REVIEW

DIM stands for Data Interchange Module. Here DIMCOIN serves as another cryptocurrency, it is tradable DIMCOIN can exchange with other crypto coins or with fiat currency. DIMCOIN has DIM Ecosystem where anyone can use DIM Currencies for transactions.

This ecosystem offers several services are stock trading, securitization of equity,  crypto and fiat currency exchanges, e-commerce, and debit card purchase. DIMCOIN REVIEW

DIMCOIN is a speculative coin but DIM Currencies is not also DIMCOIN is tradable on exchanges but DIM Currencies are not. DIMCOIN can use for e-commerce, merchant purchasing, payment on the DIM ecosystem, and used against fiat currencies but DIM Currencies has not all these facilities. DIMCOIN REVIEW

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DIMCOIN is based on NEM technology and may the next industrial revolution. It runs in p2p configuration by a network of nodes operating together. NEM is different from Blockchain technology and had some benefits which blockchain network can’t provide.

On the basis of the trust value of other nodes, nodes can select a communication partner. Hostile nodes gave dishonest data and feedback get identified.  So we are unsure about security. DIMCOIN REVIEW

DIMCOIN has already started its pre-ICO on 1st July 2017 and will end in the next three days. From now. The investors who invested in pre-ICO will get a 30 percent bonus. The ICO for DIMCOIN will start on 16th July 2017 and will end on 27th July 2017. 100 DIMCOIN is equaled to 1 USD for, during ICO, 100 DIMCOIN can buy 1 DIM token and bonus of 30 DIMCOIN. The maximum cap of 10,000,000 DIM tokens and 1 Billion DIMCOIN during the crowd sale. DIMCOIN REVIEW

What is dimcoin value? Dimcoin price prediction.

90 Day High / Low $0.000236 USD / $0.000082 USD
30 Day High / Low $0.000097 USD / $0.000097 USD
7 Day High / Low $0.000097 USD / $0.000097 USD
24 Hour High / Low $0.000097 USD / $0.000097 USD

How to buy dimcoin?

To buy Dimcoin you can use BTC-ALPHA exchange.

Participants will eligible for a 30 percent bonus during pre-ICO the bonuses will decrease with time. during the ICO 16 to 29th July DIMCOIN offered a 20 percent bonus.

In phase two 15 percent bonuses will be offered, phase three investors will get 10 percent bonuses and the investors who invested in phase four will offer a 5 percent bonus. DIMCOIN REVIEW

Token holders who have held more than 50DIM tokens are eligible for receiving 30 percent of fee transfers on the DIMCOIN. If token holders sell their tokens and have less than 50 tokens will not get their commission.

Participants can buy tokens using BTC, ETH, LTC, XEM, DASH, and USDT coins only. 

If DIMCOIN ICO successfully achieved the cap of 10 M USD price will change from 0.01$ to between 0.02$ and 0.12$ per token. After achieving $30 million prices per token will be fixed at the price of 0.12$

DIMCOIN will get listed on major exchanges in the fourth quarter of 2017. buy dimcoin now.

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