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How To Retrieve Stolen Bitcoin: Recover Scammed Bitcoin

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on May 5, 2021 by cryptocreed

Since the cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly hackers are also finding their own methods and ways to scam people. Already millions of dollars in Bitcoin and in other cryptocurrencies are either getting hackers, stolen, or diluted by hackers & scammers.

But as we know every problem comes with a solution. If your bitcoin got stolen and you don’t know what to do then you have to stop worrying first of all. No matter how much you cry, you are not going to get it back by crying.

As we all know cryptocurrency transactions are not reversible, hence once you sent BTC to someone by mistake then you can’t hope that you will get it back by just raising a dispute as we can do in Paypal.

Now the question is what to do and how to do it. Here in this article, you will get to know the best and trusted methods to get back your stolen cryptocurrency funds.

Also, beware of fraudsters and scammers. You will find scammers who claim that they can help you to get back your crypto but in the end, they will scam you and you will get nothing.

So what you should do to recover scammed Bitcoin?

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How To Retrieve Stolen Bitcoin Funds

Hire Recovery Service Provider

The suitable and only best method to get your coin back. For now, there is one 1 recovery service provider that seems trusted and safe, it is a Confirm.

Confirm is the London-based registered company. Even you can trust them with their domain name, confirm.com.

They are also in news for positive reasons many times.

To contact them you have to visit their website first and then fill the formyou have to provide all the details they do ask. Once you submit your request you will get a contact back from the team in case they approve your request.

At this stage, they will tell you about the fees you have to pay. And in the end, you will get your funds back.

Actually, tracking stolen bitcoins is their job and they are good at this.

Confirm teams receives many requests regarding claims and hacks, hence it might take time to respond to you back.

Avoid Scam Recovery Teams

There are many scammers roaming on the internet. Who claims that they will help you to get your BTC back but they don’t.

What they do is just take money from you and run away.

HooperGroup is the scam website that does claim such deals. Here you can find a BitcoinTalk thread where someone claims that he got scammed by HooperGroup. He got scammed of $50,000.


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