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Top 5 Best Komodo Mining Pool To Mine KMD Coin In 2024

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List Of Best Komodo Mining Pool

Komodo is one of the known projects that is trading on popular exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, and some others. The project launched in 2016 and the token started trading on big exchanges in 2017.

The current price per KMD or Komodo coin is $0.20 the all-time high was $15 and the all-time low was in 2017 at $0.0021. They had a market cap of $1.20 billion in 2017 but as of now, they have a market cap of $31 million only.

If you are planning to mine Komodo coin then you should check this list of mining pools to know which Komodo pool is safe and profitable.

They had many pools supporting this coin in the early days but in the last few months/years people started leaving this project and they lost a number of pools & community interest as well.

Before checking the list of Komodo mining pools you should know a bit about the Komodo project.

What Is Komodo (KMD)?

Komodo is a project that aims to offer all-in-one blockchain solutions dedicated to developers and enterprises, it is an open-source technology provider to them.

Their technology is built in such ways that it allows anyone to launch their own platforms like decentralized exchanges, cross-protocol financial applications, and independent blockchains.

In one, they are built to provide an ecosystem that offers cross-chain, cross-protocol, and all-in-one Dapp platform. To know about the platform or project you can visit their website or whitepaper.

The one who wants to earn KMD doesn’t need to understand project ideas, there are many projects and you may don’t want to know everything about them.

5 Best Komodo Mining Pool

We picked the top Komodo pool that you can use to mine KMD coins. Before checking & adding any pool to this list we checked fees, trust, activeness, customer support, and much more.

Komodo Algorithm is Equihash.

I do not suggest using the mining pool that covers 50% or more of the network hash rate.


Solopool is the Europe-based mining pool where only Komodo SOLO mining is possible. It was founded in 2017 and currently supports more than 10 coins including Komodo, EthereumPow, Callisto, Kaspa, Ethereum Classic, Ubiq, Beam, Horizen, Ergo, Zcash, Monero, Flux, and many more.

As of now, there are only 3 miners in this pool.

The current pool hash rate is 920 KS/s while pool luck is 21% only. They are compatible with Nicehash and MiningRigRentals. You can track your mining rig or workers on their Telegram bot or in the MinerBox app.

Fee: 1.5%

Minimum Payout: 1 KMD

K1Pool – Best Komodo Mining Pools

K1Pool is one of the highly recommended KMD mining pools that don’t allow you to mine KMD in the pool but it also allows you to mine Solo. This mining pool supports other major coins like Ethereum, Callisto, Ravencoin, Neoxa, Komodo, Bitcoin Gold, Flux, Ergo, and Firo.

Along with Komodo, you will get rewarded with ZIL as well, they do support dual mining.

There are currently 3 miners with a total pool hash rate of 5.05 MSol/s. These are numbers from Shared or pool mining and as of now, there are no miners in the SOLO pool. The supported payment method is PPLNS & SOLO.

Fee: 1.00%

Minimum Payout: 1 KMD


CoolMine is a new mining pool that is worth trying when already one Komodo mining pool has covered more than 50% of the network hash rate.

There are currently 3 miners and 8 workers mining KMD coin. They do also support coins like Pirate and HUSH. The current pool hash rate is 1.56 MSol/s.

The supported mode is PPLNT.

Fee: 1.00%

Minimum Payout: 0.1 KMD

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Prohashing is one of the oldest cryptocurrency mining pools that supports all major coins including Komodo and other major coins like Litecoin & Kaspa.

You can mine KMD and can ask for payment in any other supported coins.

Prohashing is a Limited Liability Company, registered in the state of Pennsylvania, as Prohashing.

They support payment modes like FPPS, PPLNS, and SOLO. There are 45 miners mining in FPPS & 7 miners in PPLNS modes. And there are no miners mining in SOLO. The current pool hash rate is 3.4 MS/s.

Fee: 1.00%

Minimum Payout: 1 KMD


Mining-Dutch is a Netherland-based multi-coin mining pool where you can find more than 30 coins and possibly all new coins. You can find almost all new coins here.

They have currently 2 miners or workers with a pool hash rate is 137 MS/s. They support payment methods like SOLO, PPS, and PROP

Fee: 1.5% fee on PPS mining, 1.00% fee on PROP & PPLNS, and 0.50% on SOLO mining.

Minimum Payout: 1 KMD

Some Other Komodo Pool

They have some other mining pools that support KMD coins for mining. I do suggest using the above mining pools but you can try following one as well.

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