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5 Best Bitcoin SV Mining Pool To Mine BSV Coin In 2024

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BitcoinSV or BSV is a result of a fork of Bitcoin Cash or BCH in 2018. Once it was in the list of top 10 coins according to coinmarketcap but currently they are at 57th ranked as per marketcap data.

The current rate of the coin is $30 per BSV and the all-time high was $491 in 2021 & all-time low was in 2023 at $23 per BSV. The current total market cap of BSV coin is $583 million and the last 24-hour approx volume is $20 million.

If you are planning to mine BSV coin then you must have hands-on top trusted & profitable mining pools hence we picked some of the active and profitable mining pools for BSV.

Before checking the list of Bitcoin SV pools let’s understand what is BitcoinSV in brief.

What Is BitcoinSV

BitcoinSV is originally a fork of Bitcoin Cash that aims to focus on & follow the original idea of Bitcoin Protocol that is mentioned or written in the original Bitcoin Whitepaper.

The simple use or benefit of the BSV coin is that they offer scalability and stability to their blockchain. The team removed the artificial block size limits and re-enabled script commands.

The Bitcoin SV network allows the network to support tens of thousands of transactions per second while proceeding with this they offer the lowest transaction fees.

BitcoinSV is supported and backed by people like Craig Wright who is a self-claimed Satoshi Nakamoto and entrepreneur Calvin Ayre is a vocal advocate for BSV.

It has headquarters in a Switzerland-based nonprofit industry association known as Bitcoin Association.

5 Best BitcoinSV Mining Pool

Let’s see the best Mining pool where you can mine BSV coins by choosing the best & profitable mining pools. Do check list of Best BitcoinSV Pool.


GorillaPool is a BitcoinSV dedicated mining pool here you can mine only two coins which is BSV. One coin is Bitcoin SV and another one is Bitcoin SV Testnet, logically you can mine BSV only.

The current pool hash rate is around 16.86 PH/s while they have around 60 active miners. The network difficulty is around 60.89 G. BitcoinSV coin algorithm is Sha256D. BitcoinSV coin works on Pay Per Last N Share payment method.

Fee: 1.00%

Minimum Payout: 0.01 BSV


Mining-Dutch is a Netherland-based multi-coin mining pool. Here you can find almost more than 30 coins and possibly all new coins will be seen here. You can find almost all new coins here.

They have currently 5 workers with a pool hash rate is 207 TH/s and difficulty is 60G. They support payment methods like SOLO, PPS, and PROP

Fee: 1.5% PPS, 1.0% PROP & PPLNS, and 0.50% SOLO.

Minimum Payout: 0.05 BSV

Some Other Bitcoin SV Pool

Here are some other less active or less used mining pools for Bitcoin SV coins.

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