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5 Best IronFish Mining Pool To Mine IRON Coin In 2024

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on March 31, 2024 by cryptocreed

Iron Fish coin has been trading on exchanges since early 2023 which makes them a new coin but it doesn’t mean the project itself is new. The Iron Fish project has been active since 2020.

The current price per IRON is $0.71 with a market cap of $9.83 million and the last 24 hours’ volume of $386k. There is no maximum supply reported but currently total supply is 45.49M IRON.

Miners might like to take a risk in mining new coins and as the popularity gained for this coin you as a miner would not want to miss this chance to mine IRON in the early days when difficulties are low.

If you are planning to mine an IRON Fish coin then this article will help you in finding the best IRON mining pool. Iron Fish is a new project & coin but several available pools are showing the adoption of the coin is growing rapidly.

Let’s start with knowing a bit about what is Iron Fish and then we will check out the list of best IRON pools.

What Is IronFish?

Iron Fish project launched in 2020, where they were in development, and launched coins on major exchanges in 2023.  Iron Fish is based on PoW aka Proof Of Work coin it is a decentralized, censorship-resistant, and publicly accessible blockchain project, as stated by the website.

The platform or project encrypts every transaction that proceeds, it helps you in shielding important information related to your assets from public view.

They claimed that they developed and designed the IronFish from the new cryptocurrency from the ground and it is fully private payments by closely following the Sapling protocol.

Each account has read-only permission keys to view the details that you allow.

5 Best IronFish Mining Pool

Choosing the best Iron Fish Pool is important to generate a profitable mining journey. Here we picked the 5 most suitable and profitable IRON mining pools to mine IRON coins.

We checked the following things before adding any pool to this list fees, trust, activeness, customer support, and much more.

Kryptex (Tripple Mining)

Kryptex is a new and fastest-growing cryptocurrency mining pool that supports more than 10 coins including IRON, Kaspa, Raven, etc.  This mining pool supports triple mining which means you will get rewards in other coins as well which are EthW, ETC, and ERG.

It has more than 30K registered miners that are mining or withdrawing from the pool around 50K per day.

Recently Kryptex has added the IronFish mining pool and already more than 220 miners & 2000+ workers are mining on this pool.

The only supported payment method is PPS+ and the minimum payout is just only 0.10 IRON.

Fee: 1%

Minimum Payout: 1000000 IRON


HeroMiners started their pool with coin QRL and currently supports more than 15 coins including IronFish, Beam, Kaspa, ETC, EthW, Ergo, and some other altcoins.

They have servers in regions like Germany, Finland, Russia, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Singapore, Turkey, and Australia.

As of now, there are more than 1680 miners and more than 5355 mining using this pool. The current pool hash rate is around 600 TH/s. You can choose to mine in Pool or Solo mining. Most miners do use pool mining.

It is one of the best mining pools for IRON but it already covers more than 60% of the mining hash rate which is dangerous for any coin. Hence I do suggest using other mining pools.

Fee: 0.90%

Minimum Payout: 0.05 IRON


Zk.work was founded in 2022 and its support is only an active IRON mining pool that doesn’t charge any fee. They ranked 2nd in Filecoin Space Race, 2nd in Aleo Testnet, and 3rd in Iron Fish Testnet.

They have distributed servers in different regions like Asia, Europe, and America. They have 29 active miners with 800 workers. Here on average, it one hour takes to find a block.  It has a hash rate of 38 TH/s.

Fee: 0.00%

Minimum Payout: 0.05 IRON


Flexpool is known for the best Chia mining pool but recently they started allowing users to mine Iron Fish coins on their pool.

The best part of the pool is that it allows users to view prices in local languages and view the prices in their currencies.

Currently, they support only three coins Chia, Ethereum Classic, and Iron Fish.

The current pool hash rate is 50 TH/s with an average luck of 103%. As of now, there are more than 120 miners with more than 370 workers.

The payment method supported is PPLNS.

Fee: 0.90%

Minimum Payout: 0.05 IRON


H9 is a china based mining pool that supports limited numbers of coins like Chia, BitcoinHD1, Spoacemesh, Arweave, Mass, Aleo, and your loved one IronFish.

It is one of those Iron mining pools that charges a 0.00% mining fee. The current pool hash rate is around 4.22 TH/s. The payment is sent once a day at a fixed time of 04:100 UTC. The supported payment method is PPLNS.

They have mobile apps as well for Android and iOS.

Fee: 0.00%

Minimum Payout: 0.1 IRON


Hashpool was founded in 2019 and currently supports more than 7 coins in its pool. They partnered with projects like Kaspa, Digitbyte, FreeCash, and QitMeer.

The pool hash rate for IRON coin is 23.21 TH/s while they support the PPLNS payment method. Already more than 300 workers are working to mine IRON coins.

For better and instant view & tracking you can download their mobile app which is accessible in the form of an APK file only for Android devices.

Fee: 0.50%

Minimum Payout: 0.1 IRON

Other IronFish Pool

Following are some other mining pools that you can use to mine Iron Fish coins. We didn’t pick them in the top 5 because we don’t find them better than the above ones.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Iron GPU minable?

Yes, you can mine the IRON coin in any supported hardware like NVIDIA and AMD.

From where I can buy an IRON FISH coin?

The IRON coin is trading on exchanges like Kucoin, BingX, and Gate.io.

Which miner for Iron Fish?

IRON supports multiple miners for example Lol Miner, BZMiner, SRBMiner, Team Red Miner, and GMiner.

What is the hash rate of IRON?

The current hash rate is 960 TH/s with a market cap of $237.2 million and per block reward is 261.63 KAS

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