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Nowadays more and more people are joining social media, social media’s  community getting bigger and bigger. Using social network is like a daily routine of human being. In this modern time people can’t live life without social media. Social media have many disadvantages with advantages. Many people use social media to grow their business and connect with different types of people from different countries but  somehow many people get wrong path of life.

Social media is a tool by which poor countries will get developed and which helps to grow their economy. We know facebook and  twitter  are two biggest social media, 22% of world’s population uses facebook and more than 320 million people uses twitter. And this number was increasing daily.

Honestis.Network was launched by pro coders and whitehats. Honestis.Network is very differernt from other platforms. It helps their users to grow thier business and get in touch with new people in easy and secure way. It provide you better networking. Honestis.Network mainly focus on security of users and to effective and easy platform to grow their business.

The users will get digital identity also knows as portable identity, the identity which was based on users relations. This may help to connect with right people and to take your business ahead. is oriented on the networking community business leaning on 3 pillars and chains: the public reputation, the privacy and the honesty.

Honestis.Network provide you individual  artificial assistant, which will help you to accomplished your goal and time management which learns from you and will motivate you. Assistant will became consultant for your better plan. It keep you on right track and protect your data.

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