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Hive Crypto Project- first currency invoice financing platform!

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Most of the small and medium-sized businesses faced the problem of liquidity problems and the estimated liquidity gap is estimated at 2 trillion USD and rising. Hive crypto.

Banks are the only way but banks’ formal procedures take more time and required more time. Hence it takes more time and it’s expensive most of the small businesses get down. With the help of blockchain and ethereum smart contracts, small businesses will get benefit from secure payment and making transactions easier.

New platform Hive provides new financial liquidity to small businesses by leveraging blockchain technology, giving them a range of crypto-currency based financing options.

HVN uses blockchain technology to give every issued invoice a unique fingerprint. With this idea the invoicing process will get automated, hive price, the business will run smoothly. Hive crypto team created a central data room in which all invoices will keep, also records of the issuer, owners and players will be available. therefore invoices are ready for trading in the market. This platform also provides, credit checks to make on companies and facilitates rapid and real-time auditing.

In simple language, this is a platform that provides new financial liquidity to small and medium businesses by using blockchain and ethereum smart contracts or technology. Also, the hive crypto is a solution for small and medium business to monetize their invoice.

The project has a pre-sale ICO before the launch of ICO, pre-sale ICO will be starting on 19 June 2017 and ends on 3 July 2017, on the same day 3 July 2017 general ICO will get launch and it will be run till 14th August 2017. Early birds of ICO will get up to a 15% bonus.

Users can use only BTC or ETH to participate in ICO, the deposit must be from their own private key not from exchanges (ex. coinbase). HVN has a total supply of 500,000,000 hive tokens. 375,000,000 (HVN ) will distribute to investors, for the development of hive crypto 100,000,000 will be reserved, 15,000,000 for users growth pool, and the remaining 10,000,000 HVN are reserved for bounty rewards. If the minimum amount is not reached during the ICO all funds will get a refund.

NOTE: US citizens are not legally allowed to participate in the HVN crypto Project crowd sale

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