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Centra Tech World’s First Multi-Blockchain Debit Card & Insured Wallet

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Since the start of Bitcoin and Blockchain digital form of money has been growing very rapidly and in 2016 World Economic Forum has given Blockchain in the top 10 emerging technologies. As per there prediction Blockchain responsible for holding 10% of worldwide GDP by 2025. But many people don’t know what is blockchain or how to use it, even persons who are somehow familiar with blockchain. Centra Tech here comes with some relevant applications which can use as a mobile account to top up cryptocurrencies. Centra Tech makes a combo of both fiat and crypto into one product.

Cryptocurrency holders: Centra Tech target every customer but it target cryptocurrency holders as main. These holders are frequent global clients and can take the most advantage of Centra’s CCE, “Currency Clearance Engine” and to get the best exchange rates.

Fiat-only customers: Fiat currency holders want to leverage low cost, speed, security, and anonymity of the Blockchain framework because it’s better than paying high charges to conventional frameworks.

Regulatory environment: As the having lack of knowledge about how blockchain-based startups and services work their services and ethics, people afraid to venture into.


Value lost in monetary translation: Every government keeps account records in the country’s local currencies. Foreign entity statements of accounts interpreted during cross border transactions. For Ex. UK based company “pound” would have to translate into “dollars” by a US company. This procedure is known as foreign currency translation. These transactions or value translations result from a huge loss of financial value.

Ten-year high ATM fees: Banks charges ATM fees on many different bases like depending on the place, for Ex. if you are using ATM in Phoenix, Atlanta, and Cleveland and living same, it will cost high fees but if you are living in Boston, it will cost low fees. Also, banks charge some amount for maintenance charges.

Associated problems: Developing nations get benefited in 2015, 432$ billion worth of lifelines from remittances. This may change the lives of families of any country.  But the frameworks which handle these remittances are appallingly wasteful. centra tech ceo


Centra smart wallet: A multi-asset Blockchain Wallet that is secure, insured, and connects to your Centra Card. The team developing good and simple to use the wallet for compatible for the iOS app store, play store, and later on desktop/web. Users have to enter their information to get active in the wallet. This wallet is safe from hackers and theft. Centra smart wallet will connect with centra card, users can put limitations on their card like withdrawal limit and sending limit. centra tech inc

Centra Card: Centra cards will be available in two forms one is Visa card for united states users and the second one is MasterCard for international users. you can get your card by requesting through centra wallet app. Almost every cryptocurrency is available on these cards. This card is accessible to more than 200 countries persons. centra tech inc

There were five different cards that will be available for users, Centra Titanium card, Centra black Card, Centra gold Card, Centra blue Card and Centra virtual Card. These cards have their own specifications and features. centra tech CEO

Currency Conversion Exchange (CCE) Module

Centra’s CCE module is coordinated with all the stages and cards, though Centra is an API friendly platform. centra tech debit card. It makes utilizes our liquidity pool and stage to change over any upheld Blockchain asset to the fiat used at market value with 0% charges. centra tech CEO

Centra announce a token sale on September 19th, 2017, and will end on  5th October 2017. Centra token ticker is CTR. 18M tokens are available for Crowdsale with a maximum cap of 3K ETH. 200 CTR = 1 ETH

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