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CryptoMixer Review: Oldest Bitcoin Mixer Is Still Legit Or Scam

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cryptomixer review

Last Updated on November 5, 2023 by cryptocreed

CryptoMixer is one of those Bitcoin mixers that was launched with the aim of providing better mixing service to the Bitcoin holder. But nowadays most of the Bitcoin tumblers are getting launched with the aim of scamming people or making profit only.

There are many Bitcoin Mixers on the internet but there are very limited numbers of Mixers that are active for such a long time.  Here is the comprehensive list of Bitcoin Mixers.

CryptoMixer is there since 2016 and it is not possible for the company or platform to run for such a long period of time without any allegations. Some users reported that they got scammed by CryptoMixer.

In this CryptoMixer review article, we are going to see some basic details of ChimpMixer, fee structure, whether it is a scam or not, and much more to know.

What Is CryptoMixer Tumbler?

CryptoMixer.io is a Bitcoin Mixer or Tumbler that was founded in 2016 with a massive Bitcoin reserve of more than 2000 BTC. It is the only mixer that has such a big amount of BTC in their reserve and they shared this info in public.

The team launched CryptoMixer with the aim of providing a safer and easy Bitcoin Mixing service with complete anonymity and fresh coins. It leaves no footsteps behind so you don’t have to worry about fresh coins.

You can mix any amount of Bitcoin using CryptoMixer as they have a reserve of over 2000 BTC so you have a chance to get your up to 2000 bitcoin mixed and get fresh coins.

Since their launch, they have proven their legitimacy by actively providing support through the BitcoinTalk forum. They have shared their reserve details on the Bitcointalk thread here proof links 123.

CryptoMixer Features

Before using any mixer it is important to know why you should use them. What makes them special? Features. You should check the features of the services first.

So let’s check out the features which make CryptoMixer better.

Bitcoin Reserve

This is not a feature but this is what makes them interesting. They have a reserve of up to 2000 BTC and they even shared the proof of the same. The minimum amount to mix is just only 0.001 BTC and can mix any amount till their reserve.

Best Security

The servers of CryptoMixer are using advanced encryption methods to secure all the data stored on the server. Also, it gets deleted after some time span. Users also get a unique code with their first deposit which keeps them away from previous addresses.

Fewer Fees & Fast Process

The minimum fee you have to pay to use the platform is just only 0.5% plus 0.0005 BTC as a miners fee. The fee is quite lower in comparison to some other Bitcoin mixers. Letter in this article we will check out the detailed fee structure.

Mobile Friendly

Most of the mixers are just desktop friendly but CryptoMixer allows you to use them on any device whether it is mobile or desktop.

Other Features

Some of the other features which you should be aware of.

  • Custome time delay
  • Add up to 10 output addresses
  • Calculator to calculate the fee
  • Tor supported Cryptomixer review

CryptoMixer Fee Structure

The minimum fee for mixing is just 0.50% and plus you have to pay 0.0005 BTC as a miners fee. The more you mix the less fee you pay.

Check out the table below to get an idea of how much you can save.  The mixed amount means the total amount of bitcoin you already mixed. They check it through your code.

Mixed amount Min service fee You save
1 – 10 BTC 0,45% up to 0.005 BTC
10 – 50 BTC 0,40% up to 0.05 BTC
50 – 100 BTC 0,35% up to 0.15 BTC
100 – 1000 BTC 0,30% up to 2.00 BTC
1000 BTC and more 0,25% 2.50 BTC / $3000+

CryptoMixer Is Legit Or Scam?

CryptoMixer is without any doubt one of the trusted Bitcoin mixer service providers.  On Trustpilot, you might have seen negative reviews but they are not accurate. It seems users got interacted with scam sites.

Also, on the BitcoinTalk thread they have only positive reviews. One of their users reported on a thread that he lost around 81 Bitcoin but now it seems the team has solved the problem and reportedly returned the amount to the user.

You can reach that matter here on BitcoinTalk.

If you are reading reviews on different websites and going through the link that they or users provided in their review then stop now. Only visit the link shared by their official BitcoinTalk thread.

Official Cryptomixer.io Links

Website Link: https://cryptomixer.io

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1484009.0

Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/cryptomixer

Scam Websites

There are many scam websites or links roaming on different websites and also on Google and other search engines. So it is important for you to know about scam sites.

One of the users reported that he send a bit amount of Bitcoin to phishing websites because it was at the top of the search list on Google.

The list is shared on the official thread.

  • cryptomixer.me
  • cryptomixer.se
  • cryptamixer.io
  • cryptomixer.us
  • cryptomixer.eu
  • cryptomixer.in
  • cryptomixer.ml
  • cryptomixer.bz
  • cryptomixer.tech
  • cryptomixer.it
  • cryptomixer.app
  • cryptomixer.ink
  • cryptomixer.ai
  • cryptomixes.io
  • cryptomixers.io
  • Cryptomixer review
  • cryptomexer.io
  • cryptomixer.icu
  • cryptomixer.tech
  • cryptomixer.host
  • cryptomixer.link
  • cryptomixer.com
  • cryptomixer1.com
  • coinmixer.io
  • coinpal.eu
  • bitcoin-mixer.net
  • coinmixer-es.net
  • cryptomixer.to
  • criptomixer.io
  • kryptomixer.io
  • cryptomlxer.com
  • cryptomixer.space
  • Crypto-mixer.cc
  • cryptomixer.net
  • Cryptomixer.icu

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