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Best Nano Wallet: 7 Best XRB Wallet To Store Nano Coin

by cryptocreed
Best Nano Wallet

Last Updated on January 2, 2023 by cryptocreed

Tired of the cryptocurrency transaction fee? Then Nano is best for you as there is no fee on the transaction you do not have to pay any transaction fee.  In this article, I will list the best Nano wallet.

There are already many cryptocurrencies trading on a different cryptocurrency exchange but to do such exchange you need to have an XRB wallet aka Nano wallet.

Before that let’s understand what is Nano coin and XRB coin.

What Is Nano Coin? and What Is XRB Coin?

Nano coin was developed to solve the basic problems related to cryptocurrency. Nano is a lightweight cryptocurrency that is developed to solve the issues like instant payments, fees, and limited addresses.

It was first launched n the year 2014 as a cryptocurrency faucet, which allows users to claim free cryptocurrencies. Their tagline is Digital money for the modern world, which seems correct and solves the basic issues of the modern world.

What is an XRB coin? Nano was actually known as XRB aka RaiBlocks but later in 2018, they rebranded their name to Nano coins.

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What Is The Normal Transaction Fee On The Nano Network?

There is no fee to pay, which means you have to pay $0.00 as a transaction fee. You can send and receive NANO coins without any delay and transaction fees.

7 Best Nano Wallet

Here I am going to list all wallets according to their devices. In this list, you will find the 10 best Nano Wallet to store your nano cryptocurrency.

Ledger – Best Hardware Nano Wallet

Ledger is there in the market for the last many years and till now they proved that how secure they are. Here you can store almost all cryptocurrencies that are active in the market.

Ledger is best for those who want to store cryptocurrencies in huge numbers and don’t want to do daily trade.

Natrium – Nano Wallet App

Natrium is a mobile-based NANO wallet. If you are looking wallet for an Android or iOS device then you can use Natrium for sure. Already more than 50K users downloaded them at Play Store – Natrium nano wallet.

It is very simple and easy to use. You can use them in more than 20 languages and can change the mobile app according to your needs.

Guarda- Multi-Asset Wallet

Guarda is available for macOS, Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, Linux, Android, and Extension. It also has the option of staking where users can earn up to 25% return.

Binance and TRX are official applauds the Guarda wallet.  They do support more than 100 coins and hundreds of tokens including the NANO wallet.

Guardas wallet is already used by more than thousands of users.

Nault – Best Web Wallet

Nault is one of the smoothest NANO desktop wallets I have ever seen. It allows you to read your wallet balance in different Fiat currency.  And allows you to choose server configuration.

You can also use it to import your wallet from other wallets. If you want to take full control over your nano wallet address then it can be best.

TixWallet – Web-Based Wallet

Tix wallet is as simple as it has its name. You can create your own NANO wallet within a second and within a click. You can also download your seed and passphrase in TXT format.

NanoVault – Not Much Active

NanoVault was one of the active and trusted wallets to store XRB aka NANO coin. But currently while using them, it seems they are not much trusted.

Nano Node Wallet

Want to install a whole node based cryptocurrency wallet? then it is one of the best wallets you can use to store and transact NANO cryptocurrency easily.

You have to remember that the size of this wallet may high and it can time to load fully. You can find the wallet on GitHub.

Where I Can Purchase NANO Coin?

You can purchase NANO coins from Binance and Gate.IO easily.

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