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Update 2020: Website is not active

Update 2020: Trading on HitBTC, current spectiv price is 0.000059$.

Virtual Reality was growing very fast, may speculate Virtual Reality will next revolutionary tech boom. The VR industry has a market of 1 billion USD in 2016 which may increase to 30 billion+  USD by 2020, in the next few years, VR will fastest growing industry in the whole world. In modern times this industry will surely increase in the next few years and spective will play a great role. Production of physical VR technologies will get doubled in the next few years. spectiv cost.

Our mission is to create truly immersive shared experiences with the power of Virtual Reality.

The industries are developing technologies that make mainstream VR engagement viable. Here Spective  TV utilizes this technological development to create a dedicated VR streaming platform. With the help of virtual reality, viewers can engage with these experiences from anywhere.

Viewers can watch their favorite concerts, any events, and much more live through virtual reality. This allows viewers to watch shows live from home or from anywhere and they will fill themselves in the same atmosphere of the show, with virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Streaming

Community is Driven: VR experience contributed by users from all over the world. Ordinary users can enjoy the streaming experience with their own VR equipment.

VR Live Events: On Spective users can stream their favorite shows like sports events, concerts, and more from premium seat proximities for a truly engaging perspective. This enables users to immerse themself in the atmosphere with Spectiv VR ICO.

For these events, spective will partner with relevant hosting organizations.

Original VR Content: Original VR Content was created by Spectiv. Contents will be produced with the most cutting-edge Vr technologies and the responsibility of supervision of the content is Spective production team.


Signal Tokens: SIGS

SIGS [ERC20] is a decentralized token created by the Spective team, it will use for generating unique signals to virtual reality content. For every successful viewer, signal generators will earn SIGs. 1 SIGS is equaled to 0.5$.

Spective Tokens: SPECS

These tokens will be used for internal purposes, for example, ad rewards, tips, premium, and content purchases, This tokens are not transferred out. SPECS has three distinct denominations and with a fixed value.

Gold Spec: 0.10 $

Silver Spec: 0.05 $

Bronze Spec: 0.01 $


Initial Coin Offering will start on 14th Aug 2017 at 2:00 PM (GMT -5) and will finish on  04th Sep 2017, the crowd sale cap is 40 million USD, if the cap will achieve crowdsale will stop. Spective’s tokens’ name is SIGS. Users can participants only through ETH. spectiv ico.

Sixty percent of sigs tokens will issue for sigs crowd sale with a max of 40M USD.

Twenty percent of sigs tokens will be reserved for respective platform support.

Fourteen percent will be divided among the management team.

Four percent for escrow and advisors, two percent for an advisor, and the same for escrow. spectiv ico review.

Two percent for supporters or bounties.


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