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BitBoost E-Commerce Solution [Updated 2020: SCAM]

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on May 6, 2021 by cryptocreed

Update 2020: BitBoost is Scam Coin & Project.

Updated 2020: is bitboost live legit? No, it is also another scam.

BitBoost is a blockchain software company that introduced The Block with the aim of developing a decentralized marketplace. The Block is based on the Ethereum blockchain smart contract. The Block may solution for any online business or for e-commerce platforms.

Sellers can list their items on The Block with very fewer fees, fewer fees encourage more sellers to sell their products the fees are 1 USD and it can pay in BitBoost token. Sellers and buyers can communicate with each other with an inbuilt messaging system. This is similar to other online e-commerce companies. The Block will launch in 20 different languages and will add more languages in the future to attract more local users. The interesting thing is that Block doesn’t need your personal identification information so there is no chance of spam.

In the marketplace buyers and sellers can trade online, the marketplace was based on Ethereum blockchain, it is similar to eBay but because of the platform is based on ethereum blockchain,  it ensures decentralized and security, there is nothing to worry about the hack.

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As we bookmark our favorite websites, same on The Block we can bookmark searches, items, sellers, and items to use it when we need it, it makes it easy to visit your favorite sellers or else.


The Block will available on Windows, Mac, and Linux as a native app. The theme of the app can be customized as per needs or wants, also it comes with two built-in themes for free.

The Block app will available with an integrated wallet. In this wallet, users can refill with Ethereum native currency and can purchase or sell the items so there is no need of providing credit or debit cards to e-commerce sites. Also on the Block users can purchase ether by converting their bitcoins.

Ticker of BitBoost Coin is BBT, by using this coins users can add their products on The Block by paying a small amount of fee 1 USD, the fee will pay in BitBoost BBT  tokens only. The price of BBT may increase or decrease with time but fees will not be changed. BBT tokens will available on exchanges or users can buy tokens from the app directly.

Pre Sale Per BitBoost price = 0.2$ 

Total 100M BBT BitBoost token will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain smart contract. BitBoost BBT complies with the ERC20 standard and can transferable on the ETHEREUM network.

Twenty-Five million or Twenty-five percent tokens will be sold in upcoming token pre-sale.

Foutty one percent will be reserved for future token sales.

Twelve percent will for future contribution.

Ten million will be reserved for the team, the tokens will not tradable for one year.

Five percent for advisors.

Five percent will be reserved for existing Nxt FreeMarket holders

Two million or Two percent will be reserved for the marketing campaigns.

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