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There are many cryptocurrencies are developed after the launch of Bitcoin in 2019, with the new idea and different vision many people launched there own cryptocurrencies. And community of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin is incresing day by day. But as per muslim restrictions and many barriers to ener in many islamic countires that is the reason why  many muslims can’t use bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency while the population of muslims more than 1.6 billion which is over 23% of the world population. To make cryptocurrency use to muslim countries, Ibrahim Mohammed from the United Arab Emirates founded onegram which assent with the Islamic Shariah law and onegram is certified by the Al Maali a financial consulting group. Don’t think onegram is only for muslims as like other currencies it is also for everyone.

We should know what is Money according to Sharia

One of the most reliable Islamic scholars on the subject is Imran Hosein. Imran Hosein  explains the six key properties of money in Islam as:

  • Money is either precious metals or food.
  • Money is abundant and widely available.
  • Money is durable and does not spoil or corrode.
  • Money has intrinsic value.
  • Money exists in creation and is made valuable by God.
  • Money functions as a medium of exchange.

OneGram is supported by real Gold and they have agreement with GoldGuard, Goldguard is the one of the largest vault in middle east, Goldguard is in business since 1996 and Goldguard is one  licenced company with Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ)  to trade gold and jwellery . The Onegram ICO will eventuate on the goldguard gold exchange. To Join or participate in the ICO of Onegram every users need to register with GoldGuard and have to purchase gold at live gold rate. After buying the Gold users can redeemed it for OGC ( OneGramCoin)  with 10% fee wich will be used to cover some costs. There are 12,400,786 OGC tokens in supply. The ICO starts on 21st May 2017 and will ends when all OGC tokens are sold out and after that no tokens or coins will be issued.



The users can redeem their coins for gold or for any fiat currency through goldguard. You will find Onegramcoins on major cryptocurrency exchanges after the ICO. Also users can check balance in official Goldguard website and Onegram wallet app.

With every transaction of onegram coin have to pay 1% transaction fee that nis maximum  1 OGC, 70% of this fee will be reallocate to increase total gold reserves and left 30% will be used for future developments and advertisements.

Onegram Coin’s transaction is fast their team aim to provide instant transaction it take 1 minute block of 1mb size. Official ticker of OnegramCoin is OGC. OnegramCoin is a unique POS (proof of stake) based coin developed from experts and tested for months.

RoadMap for OnegramCoin

Onegram Coin team started Bounty campaign to spread words of OnegramCoin. For now there are 4 different bounty campaigns where users can earn free coins. Onegram will run this bounties for 1 month with almost 5 BTC budget

Bounty Campaigns are as following :

Translation and Community Management Campaign.
Blog and Media Campaign.
Social Media Campaign.
Signature Campaign.

The Bounty rewards will be paid in Bitcoins at the end of this month for more detail visit Bounty campaign thread on

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