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BLOCKPOOL – B2B Blockchain Solutions [Updated 2020]

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Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by cryptocreed

What is Blockpool

BLOCKPOOL is a pool of blockchain-based solutions for multiple business verticals.
Blockpool delivers real-world B2B solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients including
but not limited to: Arts & Media, Fintech, Brands, Music & Sports applications

Blockpool is financially connected with the projects which endow proof of concept, consultations, and ongoing contracts. Blockpool has mentioned that they are capable to deliver multiple business verticles as shown by our existing realization of concise and financial agreements, lifestyle brands, music, and art distribution, licensing, copyright & resale for mixed media, gaming applications, various sports applications plus asset tracking & transfers.

Blockpool system provides efficient, secure, and fast, transfers and transactions with the blockchain-based system. Blockpool has an enthralling stage in which it provides fields of consultation are like arts and media, finance, technology, brands, music, and sports applications. Block Pool provides a business plan which has a global scale.

Blockpool is a highly secured platform, Delegated Proof of Stakes(DPoS) is a method that secured transactions on the network or it secure a digital token network without any need of central authority. It also evolved proof of the staking system which helps to reduce the cost and electricity usage. Blockpool’s system is suitable for medium business to grow bigger.

Users can get more benefits by joining Blockpool Token Exchange Campaign(TEC), where they are going to generate 25 million coins in their initial offering. Anyone can join this campaign by donating any cryptocurrency which supported on the Block Pool website’s token exchange page. The price will be decided when the token exchange campaign gets closed. TEC was already started on 1st May and end on 30th June. The more you contribute the more you will get in the future.


  •  201 delegates
  • 15 second block times
  • 25 million tokens + forging rewards of 5% Annual decreasing 1% per year until 1% Annual then switching to a fixed block reward of 1 BPL/Block thereafter.
  • 50.25 minute rounds
  • Consensus System: DPoS (Delegated Proof Of Stake)
  • Official Ticker: BPL

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