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Nexa Pools: List Of Best Nexa Mining Pools in 2024

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Nexa is a new coin in the cryptocurrency world to watch which is based on PoW. This is the reason why miners are excited about the coin and the coin itself making its place in between miners.

Miners do need the best Mining Pool to mine their favorite coins and if you are interested in mining NEXA coins then you need a profitable and best NEXA mining pool.

We searched and picked the best NEXA Pools that are compatible with most miners, are profitable, take less fees, and overall have good performance.

Before checking the list of Nexa mining pools let’s understand what is Nexa first and then we will see the list of Nexa pools.

What Is Nexa?

Nexa is a UTXO Layer One Blockchain with a native coin called NEXA and smart contracts. The platform and contract can scale for global P2P usage. The Nexa aims to solve or remove the major problem for the crypto world which is signatures and UTXO lookups.

Nexa uses technology like Graphene that helps in reducing traffic overhead by tackling block distribution more efficiently. Another feature they have is Xthinner which propagates a new block to the protocol that leverages the benefits of LexiCograpgic Transaction Ordering (LTOR).

NEXA is based on the NexaPow algorithm.

The team behind NEXA comes from the Bitcoin and Bitcoin software development teams.

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Where I Can Buy Or Trade Nexa?

Nexa is trading on three major exchanges MEXC, CoinEx, and BitMart.

List Of Best Nexa Pools For Mining

Here is the list of the best Nexa mining pools that you should use to mine NEXA coins.


Kryptex is the leading mining pool for NEXA coin it covers almost 35% of the total mining pool hash rate. There are currently more than 3186 miners and 8400 workers are mining NEXA coins on this pool.

Kryptex is compatible with Windows, HiveOS, and RaveOS.

You can mine other coins like IRON Fish, Kaspa, CFX, Ravencoin, ERGO, XMR, Ubiq, etc. The current pool hash rate is 3.68 TH/s.

Fee: 3% PPS+

Minimum Payout: 20,000 NEXA


K1Pool allows you to do dual mining with NEXA coin. You can get rewarded in coins like ZIL, KASPA, ETC, and EthW. More than 225 miners are mining NEXA with a pool luck of 12%.

K1Pool allows you to mine in POOL or SOLO. There are 14 solo miners with a pool hash rate of 52% and cover 36.31 GH/s of pool hash rate while network difficulty is 293.92K.

More than 225 miners are mining in the pool with pool luck of 16%. The pool hash rate is 207 GH/s

Fee: 1% PPLNS & SOLO

Minimum Payout: 50,000 NEXA


WoolyPooly is a mining pool that has partnered with CoinEx which allows you to mine NEXA coins and withdraw them to CoinEx exchange without paying any transaction fee plus it is KYC free.

This pool is also compatible with MininRigRentals and Nicehash. The current pool hash rate is 2.66 TH/s.

You can pine in PPLNS or in the Solo pool. There are 164 workers in Solo and 7045 workers in the pool (PPLNS). The total pool hash rate is 28.24 GH/s.

Fee: 0.9% PPLNS & SOLO

Minimum Payout: 50,000 NEXA

RPlant Pool Nexa

RPlant is a multi-coin mining pool where you can find all small and new coins. Here you can mine in Pool and SOLO. There are more than 1800 miners and 5350+ workers mining in the pool.

The pool hash rate is around 1.56 TH/s

Fee: 0.9% PPLNS & SOLO

Minimum Payout: 50,000 NEXA


The Vipor mining pool is supported and shared by Nexa official website. Vipor supports coins like NEXA, Radiant, NOVO, Veruscoin, Neurai, Clore, Octa, etc.

Vipor supports payment methods like PPLNS and SOLO. The pool hash rate is around 484 GH/s with 484 miners in PPLNS. There are 23 SOLO miners with 24 GH/s pool hash rate.

Fee: 0.8% PPLNS & 0.9% SOLO

Minimum Payout: 10,000 NEXA

Website: https://vipor.net

Other NEXA Pools

Following are some other mining pools that you can use to mine NEXA coins.

2Miners:- 640 GH/s pool hash rate with 1 PPLNS fee. You can mine NEXA and can get paid in BTC. Currently, 440 active miners are there.

Acc Pool Nexa:- 31 GH/s mining pool with 68 miners.

Pool137:- 110 miners generating a pool hash rate of 137 GH/s

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