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List Of Best Decred Mining Pool: Profitable Pool To Mine DCR

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Decred is in the top 100 lists of coins according to its total market cap. Miners do still rely on Decred for a better return, the price of the coin also shows the return of interest on DCR is quite good when it comes to long-term holding.

Decred also performs well in a bull market and keeps its price maintained lower in a bear market.

The project allows its stakeholders to get equal opportunity in decision-making, unlike other coins where institutional holders and whales control the decision. This is not an article to talk about what is Decred so let’s jump on to their price and Decred mining pool things.

Decred (DCR) Rate

As of writing, per DCR is $24.62 with a last 24-hour volume of $1,380,692 and a market cap of $354,011,613. The maximum supply is 21 million (21,000,000) and currently, the DCR in circulation is 14,377,037.10 DCR.

Let’s see the past performance of DCR, The all-time low was on 28 Dec 2016 at that time price per DCR was $0.3948 and the all-time high was on 17 April 2021 price per DCR touched the mark of $250.02

Why Should I Mine Decred?

If you are able to mine and hold for the long run then I believe Decred is highly profitable, check their price chart. In the first bull run in 2018, the price touched $120, and in the second bull run in 2021 rate of DCR was $250.

From this performance, we can expect the next bull run in 2024-25, and the price of the Decred coin will be more than $350 or maybe $400+ as well.

The price of the coin from $25 (now) to $350+ (in 2 years) is always profitable to mine.

Where To Buy Decred

If you don’t want to mine Decred or planning to hold extra Decred coins by just buying Decred then you can use the following exchanges to purchase Decred (definitely the following name of exchanges includes my referral link 😉).

Binance, Kucoin, Gate.io, OKX, and Pionex.

5 Best Decred Mining Pool

Before checking for a profitable, sustainable, and best Decred mining pool it is important to know which hardware (ASIC) is more profitable and can generate more revenue.

Following is the hardware suggested by the official Decred team.

Miner Hashrate Power Consumption (Watts) Unit Power (W/Th)
StrongU STU-U1++ 52 TH/s 2,100 W 40 W/Th
Whatsminer D1 48 TH/s 2,200 W 46 W/Th
Antminer DR5 35 TH/s 1,610 W 46 W/Th

Now let’s check out the best mining pools for Decred coin.

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OKX Decred Mining Pool

OKX is one of the top trusted cryptocurrency trading exchanges that offer multiple services including Mining Pool. It supports 5 coins  BTC, LTC, DCR, BTG, and ETC.

The good thing is that you can mine and sell your coin on OKX without facing any withdrawal fee. First, go to OKX and complete the registration process, you have to complete KYC in order to make withdrawals. KYC on OKX usually takes 10 minutes to complete.

Once you completed KYC go to the OKX Mining Pool page (https://www.okx.com/pool). Click on “Join The Pool” and you have to create Alias so put any name in that.

OKX Mining pool address is

  • stratum+tcp://stratum.okpool.me:3333
  • stratum+tcp://stratum.okpool.me:443
  • stratum+tcp://stratum.okpool.me:23

There is a 2% mining fee that supports the PPS+ payment method.


CoinMine Pool allows its users to mine 6 different coins DASH, CASH, DBIX, DCR, EXP, and LBC. There are 35 active miners here who are estimated to generate blocks every 14 hours. The pool hash rate is 452.45 TH/s.

Your mining setting will look like this sgminer.exe -k decred -o stratum+tcp://dcr.coinmine.pl:2222 -u Dsh3RaFqAgnfnGqY9cQiJUde5cR7qwdQP8r.rig01 -p x

The minimum payout is just 0.1 DCR. The payout method is PPLNS with a 1% fee. Click here to visit their official website.


F2Pool is a place where miners love to mine their favorite coins. It supports more than 10 coins including Btc, Ltc, Zec, Etc, Sc, Dash, Zen, Bch, and DCR.

With StrongU STU-U1++ ASIC you can generate daily revenue of around $4.75. The pool address is  stratum+tcp://dcr.f2pool.com:5730

Here on F2Pool fee is a bit high which is 3% with a minimum payout of 0.1 DCR. F2Pool has its own calculator, click here to view it.


BTC.Com is a blockchain explorer and mining pool service provider for more than 6 coins. The current hash rate for the Decred coin on BTC.com is 3.786 PH/s.

It supports the PPS payout method and the minimum withdrawal is 0.1 DCR only. There is also the fee of 2% but you can cover a bit of the fee by using our referral link.

Their mining addresses are as follows, all of them are on the American servers.


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