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GameStop GME Crypto Wallet To Store Cryptocurrency and NFTs

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GameStop is undoubtedly one of the biggest retail gaming platforms and trade-in destinations for Playstation, Consoles, Systems, Xbox, Nintendo Games, and accessories.

It is officially known as GameStop Corp based in Grapevine, Texas. It was launched in 1984 and stocks are traded under the name GME.

Are you looking for a GameStop wallet to store cryptocurrencies or NFTs? Definitely, if you are involved in Crypto & NFT and connected with Gamestop then you should get a Gamestop wallet.

But is the GameStop wallet useful? What are their features? What it can be used to store? Let’s talk more about GameStop.

The benefit of GameStop Wallet?

The major benefit which can be in the future is that if GameStop launches its own token or coin then it might perform airdrop which they will most proudly airdrop to Gamestop wallet users only. So I suggest using it once even if you personally don’t like their wallet.

The GME wallet can be used across Decentralized Apps, the apps which are running on the blockchain without leaving your wallet, and can use wallet balance to perform any action.

The wallet is not a custodian wallet which means you (the user) get their private key. They have Google Chrome Extension which seems similar to Metamask.

Why I Can’t Access the GameStop Wallet page?

Gamestop is not available in every country and its use of it is limited. As the wallet is in currently the beta phase there are more chances that they launch a full version allowing other countries to have access as well.

Still, you can use web proxies to access your wallet, For example, visit “https://www.proxysite.com” or “https://hidester.com/proxy” and search for “https://wallet.gamestop.com“.

Even though their wallet page is not accessible to everyone their wallet on Chrome Web Store is accessible to everyone.

From Where To Download GameStop Wallet?

The wallet is currently available for web users and iPhone users only. Even though after using proxy their mobile wallet page is not accessible, which means they don’t have the mobile wallet for now (comment down if you got GameStop mobile wallet page).

On Chrome Web Store more than 70K users downloaded the wallet and rated 5 stars from 4286 users.

How To Trade GameStop Stock In Crypto?

Don’t want to trade GME on the regional stock market? Let’s try stock trading with Crypto. FTX Exchange allows users to trade GameStop stocks and other companies’ shares as well.

But the volume of trade of GME stock is too low, currently, the last 24-hour volume of GME stock is around 10,000 USD to 50,000 USD.

Click here to learn more about FTX Stock Trading.

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