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1xBit’s DRAGON’S TREASURE – Where Legends and Rewards Collide

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In the heart of the mysterious East, 1xBit invites you to unravel the legend of DRAGON’S TREASURE – an exhilarating tournament set to mark the Chinese New Year. Dare to venture where dragons guard ancient riches, and only the most audacious warriors will claim their share. Begin your journey and let the reels decide if luck is on your side in the pursuit of the greatest treasure.

Celebrate the New Year in Style

Embrace the festive season by playing your favorite slots from any providers, accumulating tournament points to ascend through the stages. The more you play, the closer you get to the ultimate reward – a piece of the impressive prize pool consisting of 600 mBTC and 300 Free Spins. Let the thrill of the hunt bring you closer to the Dragon’s Treasure.

Rewarding the Most Persistent

As the DRAGON’S TREASURE unfolds, 1xBit presents an enticing prize pool, offering a glimpse into the bountiful rewards that await the top contenders. The prize distribution model is designed to celebrate the skills and tenacity of those who dare to venture into this mythical realm.

  1. Top 5 Places (1st to 5th): The top five warriors, displaying exceptional prowess and determination, will be rewarded generously, with amounts ranging from 80 mBTC to 55 mBTC. Each step down the leaderboard signifies not only a drop in rank but also a decrease in the awarded prize, adding an element of competition to the journey.
  2. 6th to 10th Places: The battle continues for participants securing positions 6th to 10th, as they compete for rewards ranging from 50 mBTC to 30 mBTC. The minimum stage requirements ensure that contenders not only strive for victory but also strategically progress through the stages to claim their rightful place.
  3. 11th to 20th Places: Even beyond the top 10, the adventure doesn’t end. Participants securing positions 11th to 20th will be rewarded with both mBTC and Free Spins, ensuring that the thrill of the hunt and the chance at the Dragon’s Treasure is an experience shared by many.

Thus, 1xBit invites warriors from all levels to partake in the quest, ensuring that every spin brings them closer to their share of the legendary treasure.

Embark on the Quest

Engage in the adventure by playing your preferred slots, gaining points, and progressing through stages. The higher you climb on the leaderboard, the more significant the rewards become, culminating in the grand prize – the Dragon’s Treasure. Will you be among the bold warriors who seize the riches that await in this thrilling tournament?

Beyond the Tournament

1xBit extends its generosity beyond DRAGON’S TREASURE, offering a world of excitement. Enjoy games from the most esteemed providers, relish in the 7 BTC Welcome Bonus for your first four deposits, and experience the convenience of swift payouts without the hassle of KYC requirements. At 1xBit, your gaming journey transcends ordinary entertainment – it’s an extraordinary odyssey.

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Your connection with 1xBit goes beyond gaming; it’s a shared experience of competition and celebration.

About 1xBit

For the uninitiated, 1xBit stands as a premier online gaming platform, seamlessly blending casino thrills, sports betting, and more. Committed to delivering excellence, 1xBit offers a diverse range of games, collaborations with top-tier providers, and a user-friendly interface. Join us in the pursuit of adventure, rewards, and boundless entertainment.

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