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PureMixer.io Opposes Analytical Companies

With This Secured & Protected Bitcoin Mixer - You Will Gain 100% Privacy

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on December 24, 2023 by cryptocreed

PureMixer.io is a service that anonymizes Bitcoin transactions. It accepts your bitcoins and returns them to you from the pool, mixed and unrelated to you in any way. In this way, it breaks the connection between transactions before and after mixing, thereby providing the highest privacy and anonymity to you and your funds in the digital network of the crypto space. It is impossible to trace the connection between the bitcoins that got into the mixer and those that came out of it.

Why Are Analytics Companies The Beginning Of The End For Decentralization?

Analytical companies such as Chainalysis, Elliptic and many others, every year, month and day, with the support of various authorities, tighten control over citizens’ crypto assets more and more, introduce more restrictions, prohibitions and threats, create various tools for regulating and tracking transactions, refine their cryptanalysis methods, adding new ones and improving available.

They also involve various large projects and exchanges in their unscrupulous work. And the latter have no choice but to either curtail their activities due to the influence of analytical companies, or obey them and thereby deal a huge blow to the ideology of “decentralization”. The purpose of all this is to take total control of the crypto assets of ordinary citizens, as banks with fiat currency did at the time.

Confidentiality is the right of every person to preserve their personal data, their values, their opinions, and views that may concern their lives. The lack of confidentiality, in turn, creates danger and jeopardizes the values we have listed above.

“Innocent people are tired of this repressive regime. And analytical companies: These are the “sprouts” of a new repressive regime that are making their way at our feet. And we are here so that absolutely every supporter of freedom and inviolability can fully acquire these qualities with the help of our service. And we will fight for these values to the end, even if we have to plow the entire topsoil”, –  the PureMixer.io team writes to Cryptocreed.com magazine.

PureMixer.io Is Always One Step Ahead

In the 1 year of PureMixer’s existence, the team has already managed to release a large-scale update that meets all relevant measures to ensure proper privacy to customers. PureMixer.io is equipped with sufficient characteristics to ensure 100% anonymity to everyone who has passed through their service. Here are the most important ones:

  • The servers are located in reliable data centers
  • Puremixer.io deletes your order history completely and automatically immediately after completing the mixing service
  • PureMixer.io is made without the use of web frameworks and site builders
  • Only encrypted channels for external secure communication with clients
  • Tor-friendly
  • It has its own “Strict Privacy Policy”
  • Ability to specify up to 10 receiving addresses
  • The ability to set a delay of up to 7 days
  • Protection against the return of your old coins in subsequent mixing
  • Distribution of transfers to receiving addresses using tenths of a percent
  • Accurate preset of the service fee to thousandths of a percent
  • PureMixer sets an additional randomized delay of several minutes (random delta) to the main delay selected by the user

All these points above indicate that the PureMixer.io bitcoin mixer is truly anonymous and has undeniable protection from Blockchain analysis.

PureMixer.io operators also did not stand aside after the recent seizure by the US authorities of a Bitcoin mixer called Sinbad in connection with illegal activities:

“We promote and offer freedom to everyone. In the current realities and under certain circumstances: it is achieved precisely by gaining confidentiality.

Freedom is a value that allows anyone to freely express their thoughts and build their personal life at their discretion. It is the foundation for the development of society and ideas in general. But it also has another side of the coin, namely, its abuse for selfish purposes. But should we abandon such an ideology just because it has some side effect from time to time? Our opinion is no.” – This statement was made by the developers of PureMixer.io to the BitcoinTalk.org community.

Clearnet: https://puremixer.io/
TOR: http://puremixerb745s7aq7r75qlph4exkmsjderdnv6dumkomvbflz5qvhid.onion/
BitcoinTalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5448710.60

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