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Best EthW Pools: List Of Profitable EthereumPow Mining Pools

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Last Updated on October 21, 2023 by cryptocreed

We all know what happened to the Ethereum. After Ethereum moved to the Proof Of Stake (PoS) mechanism miners moved to other coins but still, a large number of miners decided to stick with the original idea of Ethereum and hence they decided to revive Ethereum Proof-Of-Work on the name of EthereumPow or EthW.

EthereumPow or ETHW is a hard fork of Ethereum when Ethereum Merge takes place. The idea of EthereumPoW was supported by many individuals from all over the world.

To mine EthW or EthereumPow, you need a suitable EthW Pool that can generate profitable mining revenue hence I picked top best EthW Mining pools for you.

Where I Can Buy EthereumPow?

EthereumPow is trading on some popular exchanges like CoinEx, Kucoin, OKX, Gate, ByBit, BitGet, etc. The current market cap is $142,835,514 and in the last 24 hours trading volume was $2,353,805.

Best Ethw Pools To Mine EthereumPow Coin

Following are the best ETHW mining pools and we added each of them after comparing their credibility, fees, number of miners, etc.

Kryptex (Dual Mining)

Kryptex is one of the leading mining pools for EthW coin. It also has the lowest minimum withdrawal in comparison to other pools.

While mining ETHW you will also get rewarded in FISH and Kaspa coins, they offer dual mining.

There are currently 3+ miners and 150 workers mining EthereumPow using this pool. The mining pool has a current hash rate of 153.80 GH/s

Fees: 1% PPS
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.10 ETHW
Website: Kryptex.com

Binance Pool

Binance is no doubt one of the biggest crypto exchanges and everyone knows about it but they offer many other services including Mining Pool which everyone is not aware of.

As it is a centralized exchange users have to go through KYC in order to use their Mining pool.

Binance has over 440 GH/s of total mining pool hash rate. More than 500 miners are using the Binance EthW Mining Pool. They have an in-built calculator that you can use to know the outputs. The payments are sent between 02:00 to 10: UTC daily.

If you want to know more about Binance Pool then check out the Binance Mining Pool Review article.

Fees: 1% PPS+
Minimum Withdrawal: NA
Website: BinancePool


K1Pool is another mining pool that offers dual mining with ETHW mining, you will get ZIL and KASPA coins. Whether you are a SOLO miner or mine in Pool you will find it beneficial.

The pool generates a total poolhashrate of around 900 GH/s with more than 125 miners (SOLO & Pool). In my opinion it is one the best pool for ethw.

Payments are sent every two hours. They have servers in Europe, the USA, and China. Also, they are compatible with Nicehash and MiningRigRentals.

Fees: 1% PPS & SOLO
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.1 ETHW
Website: K1Pool


Poolin is the USA-based mining pool that has a pool hash rate of 1.17 TH/s writing this article. You can use the pool by registering yourself or without registration.

Poolin hash is also an in-built calculator that you can use to calculate your mining profitability. Currently, they have 758 miners.

Payments are sent every day between 02:00 to 08:00 UTC. The average block time is 25 minutes.

Fees: 1% PPLNS
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.2 ETHW
Website: Poolin


2Miners is a multi-coin mining pool where you can mine coins like ETHW, Kas, RVN, BTC, etc. Not only that you can also mine in any other coin and can ask for a withdrawal in Bitcoin.

They provide the best customer support and they have a telegram group as well where you can ask your query and your fellow miners may help you there.

There are more than 1200 miners who is covering almost 25% of total pool hashrate. It hash pool hashrate 2.45 TH/s.

You can find their servers in Europe. They support dual mining, you can mine ETHW with Kaspa.

Fees: 1% PPLNS
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.1 ETHW
Website: 2Miners


The current pool hash rate is 3.42 TH/s which is almost 35% of the total network hashrate. The mining difficulty is 128T and there are more than 2500 miners.

It supports ZIL and Kaspa dual mining.

Fees: 1% PPLNS
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.1 ETHW
Website: F2Pool

Some Other EthereumPow Mining Pools

  • Jingniupool:- China-based mining pool that has a pool hash rate of 2.4TH/s.
  • Richpool: It takes only a 0.1% fee and has a hash rate of around 787GH/s.
  • EZIL: Ezil has a pool hash rate of 411.21 GH/s. It has dual mining with Zil coin. It takes a 0.00% fee.

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