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Binance Learn and Earn Answers: Binance DeXe Quiz Answers

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Binance has just launched another Learn and Earn campaign and this time they launched it for the DeXe project. This is the second project for this month.

You are going to earn DEXE tokens by joining the Binance Dexe quiz learn and earn program. Before we start checking the answer let’s understand a bit about the Dexe project first.

What Is DEXE?

According to the coinmarketcap and official website, the Dexe Protocol is an innovative infrastructure for creating and governing DAOs in meritocratic ways. They are focused on the DAO category and its related projects. The aim of the protocol is to help DAOs to grow fast and sustainably.

They have partnered with big projects like MultiversX, Wormhole, Daomaker, Chainlink, Venus, Hacken, Dext, nem, StaFi, and more. Dexe has its own token based on Binance Chain, the token ticker is DEXE.

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Things To Remember While Taking The Binance DEXE Quiz

  1. Learn and Earn page can be accessed here “https://academy.binance.com/en/learn-and-earn”.
  2. Login to check if you are eligible or not.
  3. Try to use a mobile device.
  4. Questions will be not in the same format for everyone.
  5. Rewards will get credited to your account within 48 hours.
  6. This quiz and reward are only eligible for users who had no Staking record before.
Total reward:
Start & End Date:
What to do: Watch a video of 2.49 minutes and answer 10 questions.

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Dexe Binance Quiz Answers (Binance DeXe Quiz Answers)

Q.1 Who are the Experts?

Answer: People or DAOS whose competency and expertise DAO members trust

Q.2 What is the role of these experts?

Answer: To improve decision-making

Q.3 What is the utility of the DEXE token?

Answer: Governs DeXe Protocol DAO

Q.4 What are the benefits of delegating to experts?

Answer: Better decision-making and rewards multipliers

Q.5 How are rewards distributed to the DAO community?

Answer: To everyone who creating proposals and voting

Q.6 What is the DeXe Protocol?

Answer: Infrastructure for creating and governing DAOS

Q.7 What is the DeXe DAO Studio?

Answer: An advanced platform for creating and governing DAOS in one place

Q.8 What delegation system is proposed on the DeXe DAO Studio?

Answer: Experts and subDAOS Delegation

Q.9 Which three DAO Voting Systems does the DeXe DAO Studio offer?

Answer: Meritocratic, Linear, Custom

Q10. How many smart contracts does the DeXe Protocol contain?

Answer: 50+

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