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How To Buy Tag Protocol Token Through Pancakeswap and TrustWallet

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What Is Tag Protocol Token (TAG)

Tag Protocol Token (TAG) is a Cryptocurrency and operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP 20) platform. Users can register and perpetually own unique social media just like they register and own domain names and use them to mine by participating in the daily pool. Users can also trade Hashtags with other users at Marketplace in exchange for other Cryptocurrencies. Users can also earn additional income by depositing various Cryptocurrency into the liquidity pools.

Current Token Statistics

At the time of writing this article, the price of Tag Protocol Token (TAG) is $0.2719 and the all-time High price was  $0.3679 and the all-time low was $0.2013.

How To Buy The Tag Protocol Token On PancakeSwap

This is very easy to buy TAG in Trust Wallet but you should have a safe and secure website which is very important for buying and also have the contract address of the token. There are some simple steps for how to buy Tag Protocol Token on Trust Wallet. And we will tell you how can you buy the token with help of these steps.

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  1. You should have the Trust Wallet app and also have CoinMarketCap for purchasing any token.
  2. You have to copy the contract address of the TAG token to get the token address to visit the CoinMArketCap and click on the search bar and search Tag Protocol Token.
  3. Open the Trust Wallet app Or site and click on the buy button and search BNB and click on Smart Chain and purchase a minimum of $50 using MoonPay.
  4. After purchase, BNB Smart Chain click on DApps and open PancakeSwap, select the Trust Wallet. Now you have successfully connected Trust Wallet.
  5. Then click on select a currency and Paste the copied address of the Tag Protocol token.
  6. Click on the Import button and click on the I understand option and reclick on the Import button for confirmation.
  7. Go to the back and click on the setting icon and set the slippage 1% and click on the back button
  8. Enter the number of tokens, then click on the Swap button where you can check the details.
  9. And click on confirm Swap and you can also check there the transaction history and network fee charges.
  10. Click on approve button, Now you get your token successfully.

How to Add Tag Protocol Token on Trust Wallet

Open the Trust Wallet app and Paste this 0x717fb7B6d0c3d7f1421Cc60260412558283A6ae5 contract Address and select your Smart Chain BNB and you will find all details of the token.

Name: Tag Protocol Token

Symbol: TAG

Decimal: 9

Check out TAG on CoinMarketCap through this link.

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