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How To Buy Kodi Coin Using PanCakeSwap & TrustWallet

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What is KODI Token

Kodi is a free and open-source home theater/media center software and entertainment hub, Kodi is more than just a new project, it will provide immediate utility through the implementation of its marketing agency. Its fantastic project works daily to foster and confidence in its dedicated community as it’s not a meme coin like others.

Current Token Statistics

The current price of Kodi is $0.0002925, and the price of an all-time High was $0.0006373, an all-time low was $0.00002039, and the price of Marketcap $27,994,102.88 at the time of writing the article.

How To Buy Kodi on Pancakeswap

If you want to buy a Kodi coin then you should have the contract address of Kodi, and the contract address will be on the Kodi website. There are some steps for how to buy Kodi on Pancakeswap, It’s very easy to purchase the Kodi coin by using trust Wallet,

  1. In the first step for purchasing KODI, you should have the Trust Wallet App and CoinMarketCap.
  2. In TrustWallet You should purchase a BNB Smart chain, click on the Buy button and search their BNB and click on smartchain and you can purchase a minimum of $50 BNB by using MoonPay.
  3. After purchase, BNB Smartchain clicks on the Dapps and opens PancakeSwap Exchange and clicks on connect wallet, and selects Trust Wallet.
  4. After connecting the Trust Wallet click on select a currency and enter the contract address of the Kodi token.
  5. Open the KODI token in CoinMarketCap (CMC) copy the contract address from there.
  6. And paste that copied address in select a currency and click on Import option and also click on I understand option and re-click on import option
  7. Now you will set the slippage for effective purchasing, click on the setting icon, and set the slippage.
  8. After setting the slippage go back and enter the number of tokens and click on the Swap button, you can see the details information and click on confirm Swap
  9. Now you can see the transaction history and network fee charges, click on approve button.
  10. Now, this token was successfully purchased.

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How To Add Kodi Token In Trust Wallet

Go to the Trust Wallet And paste this contract address of KODI 0x7f4f3bc4a5634454398580b9112b7e493e2129fa and select your network Smart chain BNB and the name or decimal and symbol will automatically be on your screen after your network.

Name : Kodi

Symbol :  KODI

Decimal :  9

Click here to check our Kodi on Coinmarketcap.

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