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Best Nano Paper Wallet Generator: Create Nano Coin Paper Wallet

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on December 12, 2023 by cryptocreed

Looking for the best Nano paper wallet? Then you are at the right place. Nano coin is one of the best coins for long-term investors.

At the time of the writing article, this article had a price of $5.14 with a $684,557,819 market cap and $24,366,990 last 24h volume.

There are many types of nano wallets that you can use to store your nano coin but Paper wallets are the best way to store cryptocurrencies, as you get access to your coin. Private & public keys are with you instead of stored somewhere else.

Best Nano Paper Wallet Generator

There are a few paper wallets that can be used to generate NANO wallet addresses and the following are those wallets. Use them at your own risk and try to use them offline.

Nano Paper Wallet by Vitorcremonez

Vitorcremonex introduced his own developed paper wallet for NANO in 2017 when Nano was called XRB. The code is available on Github and it is also hosted on Github which you can access through the following links.

Code: https://github.com/vitorcremonez/nano-paper-wallet

Live: https://vitorcremonez.github.io/nano-paper-wallet

You can either download the code or run the live version. Follow the below steps to create a Nano paper wallet.

  • Download & run offline or access through a live link.
  • Click on the “Generate a random wallet now!” button in yellow color.
  • Then click on the “Create your paper wallet”, button in blue color.
  • Click on the “Print your paper wallet” button in blue color.
  • Now close Windows and restart your pc.

By Jelofsson

Wallet developed by Jelofsson comes up with a simple design and 7 different color templates. Like the above one, it is also hosted on GitHub and the code is publically available. You can access this through the following link.



You can either download the code, extract the file & open the index.html file make sure you are offline, and save your paper wallet.

Or you can create online just by visiting an online site and clicking on generate new wallet & clicking on print to save it offline.

NanoPaperWallet.Com (Nano Paper Wallet)

NanoPaperWallet.Com is an online paper wallet generator for Nano coins. There are 7 different designs available to choose from and 5 different colors.

It allows you to change color, design, alignment, and size. You can generate up to 10 wallets at once.

It is developed by the AppDitto team and it is open-source as well. You can download the code from here to use this wallet offline.

Other Wallets

You can try to use the following wallets as well to create paper wallets. But use at your own risk!

  • https://igorcmelo.github.io/enc-paper-wallet/generate/
  • https://tools.nanos.cc/?tool=paper

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