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Ethershift – Exchange For ERC20 Token

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What is EtherShift?

Ethershift is an exchange site for ERC20 tokens. As claimed by Ethershit, it is the fastest and easiest way to trade listed and upcoming tokens. Exchange within a minute, users requires to select their tokens, input sending address, and receiving address and amount which they want to send. Send tokens and wait to get your transaction completed from the network.

Why Ethershift needed?

Tokens Listing 

Mostly investors or token holders have to wait until tokens get listed on big exchange site and listing on major exchange sites requires much time and money (some major exchanges asks 40 BTC for listing or more). Even after DEX got introduced in the market. It is not easy to sell tokens on DEX because of the complexity of the site. Here Ethershift works fine, Ethershift lists tokens just after ICO finished, almost on the same day.


Unlikely other exchanges Ethershift doesn’t require KYC to exchange tokens. Even users don’t need to put their username or name on-site. Simple choose a token, enter an amount, send tokens and receive tokens.

Ethershift Tokens

Ethershift (ESH) itself an ERC20 token that represents half of the gross fees collected from the platform. 5% fee yields on each transaction are done on Ethershift.

Further, their system calculates fees and split them into 2 wallets. One is for companies interest like operating cost, salaries or wages, legal and etc. and the second wallet will be used to airdrop to Ethershift token (ESH) holders Airdrop will start from 2019, 50% of gross fees will distribute each quarter.

It is clear that ESH or Ethershift tokens are not going to use on the Ethershift platform.

How To Participate In Airdrop?

The basic thing required to participate in an airdrop is to having ESH tokens. Nothing else you have to do to get airdrop tokens. Hold and receive your free airdrop tokens.

You can buy ESH tokens from their running ICO and can hold it to get more from Airdrop.

You can buy tokens from here. At the time of writing, Ethershift already completed their Pre-sale and received 2500 ETH by selling 1.5 million tokens. In the Main sale (stage 1) they sold 75% of the hard cap which estimated amount is 1900 ETH.

The main sale will start on 3rd Dec and ends on 16th Dec 2018. The hard cap is 10,000 Ethereum, in which 1 Ethereumm will be for 200 ESH tokens. A total of 2 million tokens will be there for this round.

Private is ongoing, to join in private sale contact at [email protected] Private sale will end before the main sale starts.

Bounty campaign

Users can earn free tokens by doing small jobs. Total 150,000 ESH tokens (worth of 750$) are allocated to this bounty campaign. Click here to join bounty campaigns.


Josh Case

– CEO and Founder

Nathan Corbin

– Full-Stack Developer

Ofir Eshkar

– Full-Stack Developer


John McAfee

Mate Tokay

– COO Bitcoin.com

Tokens and ICO details

Token name: Ethershift

Token Ticker: ESH

ICO Start Date: 5th Nov

ICO End Date: 16th Dec

Token Rate: 1 Ethereum = 200 Ethershift (ESH)

Total Tokens: 15,000,000

Accepting Coins in ICO: Ethereum

Contact Links:


ICO website

ANN Thread

Bounty Thread




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