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IEO Launchpads – List and Review of IEO Platforms

by cryptocreed
IEO Launchpads - List and Review of IEO Platforms

Last Updated on November 19, 2023 by cryptocreed

If you people reading this post then I am sure you know about IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). So without wasting your time let’s check out some known IEO Launchpad and their review.

What Is IEO In Crypto?

What is IEO in crypto? IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering, it allows project owners to raise funds through cryptocurrency exchanges directly.

It reduces various costs like marketing, team, development, research, and time.

We also mentioned Scam and Bad IEO launchpads. Scroll down to check scam and bad launchpads.

Below are some Trusted IEO Launchpads. We added below launchpads under Trusted Launchpads after reviewing their finished IEOs, community, and review by users.

Trusted IEO Launchpads/Platforms

Binance: Binance exchange launched in 2017 and now it is the #1 exchange according to market cap. All projects listed on Binance are ended successfully. Hosted 11 IEO and Perlin IEO raised 53M USD. Binance IEO Launchpad is one of the successful platforms for startups.

Listing Fee: Not confirmed but it is said by many people Binance charges 200 to 700K USD.

OKEx Jumpstart: OKEx calls their launchpad “OKEx Jumpstart”. OKEx is one of the leading exchange platforms and one of the trusted exchanges too. More than 7 IEO hosted on OKEx.

Listing Fee: Some say IEO are hosted on OKEx are free but some say OKEx charges 200K USD.

Gate.IO: Launched in 2013. The only Free IEO Launchpad in the industry. More than 4 IEO is hosted and all are ended successfully.

Listing Fee: Free

Huobi Prime: Huobi launched in 2013 and currently in the top 30 exchange. Huobi completed around 4 IEO and all of them are ended successfully but the amazing thing is their one IEO price raised 250%.

Listing Fee: N/A

Kucoin SpotLight: Kucoin IEO launchpad calls Kucoin Spotlight. Kucoin launched in 2017 and it was in the top 10 once for a long time but after much new exchange comes into the market they lost their position but still Kucoin is one of the trusted exchange platforms.

Listing Fee: N/A

ProBit: Exchange launched in 2017 and currently in the top 80 exchanges. ProBit hosted more than 30 IEO and with more than 100 Rounds.

Listing Fee: 20 to 40K USD.

Coineal: Coineal is one of the best IEO launchpads. Coineal is standing #8 on CoinMarketCap.

Listing Fee: 15-25 Bitcoin

CoinBene: CoinBene Launchpad is known as CoinBene MoonBase. Currently, CoinBene ranks #3 on coinmarketcap.

Listing Fee: 175K USD

Bgogo Apollo: Bgogo rank is not good on coinmarketcap but the exchange has a good track record. This is the only exchange that has Supernode listing authority. They completed more than 2 CEOs according to their telegram group.

Listing Fee: N/A

Scam and Bad IEO LaunchPad

LaToken: LaToken is #1 on coinmarketcap. LaToken conducted ICO and raised more than 20M USD according to ICOBench. Some user says LaToken shows fake trading and their most of registered users are from “Airdrop” campaigns.

Latoken IEO Launchpad doesn’t create any value at all.

Cons: Fake data and trading volume (1). Lots of projects, at the time of writing they have 19 Active IEO and 130+ Upcoming IEOs (2). Adding IEO without checking them, most of the projects are worthless and have no future (3). The listing fee is 1-3 BTC + % of raised funds.

Idax: IDAX is #14 on coinmarketcap. The users reported that the trading volume created on Idax by bot and IEOs is not raising any funds.

Cons: Fake data and trading volume (1). Scammed CMA project (2). High listing fee around 10 BTC for the new exchange (3).

Note for Project Owners, Read before choosing any IEO Launchpad:

  1. Always double-check listed projects on Launchpad. Is really project conducted IEO on that launchpad or not.
  2. Always ask Projects how much they raised, how was their experience, is soft cap raised?.
  3. The exchange representative knows how to convince you. If you have a low budget and exchanges are trying to message you to host IEO on their platform then keep them waiting and do your research. Either they will reduce the listing fee or you will find something good or bad about them.
  4. Do not work with any type of “Listing c-ordinator” all of them are not bad but you don’t need to take the risk if you have a low budget and not much knowledge.
  5. Always try to get a list on big exchanges, and I personally suggest Gate.io they are free but you need to have convincing power.
  6. Don’t fall in numbers check facts first.

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