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New technology, new ways of life, a new era! As of late, new models of collaborative economies developed by putting the buyer at the focal point everything being equal, in this way disrupting the traditional socio-economic models. The buyer goes from being a straightforward ‘B2C’ focus to a co-creator of value within the ecosystem.

The incredible race towards scaled & productive economies has driven the world to globalization & centralization of industries & wealth with a general impact of step by step lessening the number of small local organizations. From this point of view, Fliptech, inspired by existing participatory financial models, proposes an Ecosystem that supports the creation & sharing of value in the administration of local organizations to give them a solid position at the core of the social scene & additionally the control of their reputation & as well as their digital identity.

As of now, a huge uniqueness exists in the social media world. Disparities around there come from the way that platform offering visibility is most appropriate for huge organizations with awesome means and an expansive purchasing power, as opposed to small businesses that don’t have the skill nor the financial backing to stand up on these said platforms. A few visibility platforms endeavored to address this issue in vain, without completely benefiting from the best technological support, for example, the Blockchain.

FlipNpik will turn into the main Collaborative Social Media committed to local organizations, associated with the Blockchain technology. FlipNpik will likewise give its clients a strong, adaptable & successful framework, supporting a high volume for microtransaction, all while keeping up the most extreme security and an aggressive cost for each transaction. For this reason, FlipNpik will utilize the Stellar Platform.

The Platform and the FlipNpik Ecosystem won’t just allow organizations to distribute engaging, instructive as well as limited-time content for their subscribers in only a couple of snaps, however, will likewise enable them to profit by a visual substance made & distributed by brand ambassadors & different clients of the Platform.

And again, FlipNpik allows subscribed merchants to purchase extra services offered on the FlipNpik Platform. This 360° joint effort between all performers of the Platform fortifies the Ecosystem & also the creation & sharing of value between co-creators.

The Flipnpik Token

The FlipNpik Token (“FNP”) is the core foundation of the economic-model of the FlipNpik-Ecosystem. The FNP is a utility token, distributed & recognized on the Stellar Platform.

The FNP is a utility token bound for procuring different products & services & for doing different exchanges or transactions and this exclusive:

  • On the FlipNpik Platform, and
  • Between individuals of the FlipNpik Platform.

It would be conceivable to acquire FNP in the following ways:

  • By Private Sale
  • During Pre-ICO sales
  • By changing over its FS to FNP
  • By converting its FS to FNP
  • Buying FNP on the secondary market
  • Exchange in for services rendered to any form of business
  • Selling their products & services to users

Platform Users with FNP may use them to:

  • Participate in games
  • Buying goods or services
  • Acquire promotions & Discount Coupons
  • Through becoming an Ambassador Partner

Remember that at whatever point users will spend FNP for items or services offered on the FlipNpik Platform, they will get Flip Social as a reward. Also, utilizing FNP within games will furnish users with more prominent advantages than they ordinarily would have on the off chance that they had utilized Flip Social.


FNP Token specification and ICO details:

Token type: Steller

ICO start date:  9/01/2018

ICO end date: 10/31/2018

Hard cap: 35,000,000 USD

A rate of a token (ICO): 0.1 EUR for each token

Accepting CryptoCurrency: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH & DOGE

FLP Token distribution details:

Token sale: 775 Million FLP

Team: 37.5 Million FLP

Marketing: 37.5 Million FLP

Contact Link:







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