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Uptherium – Your crypto hub APP [updated 2021]

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Last Updated on February 20, 2021 by cryptocreed

Cryptocurrencies were developed to solve the problems of centralization and transparency. Currently, the usage of cryptocurrencies is growing very rapidly. Though people use different coins on a different platforms for different purposes. People may like to buy goods or products from online e-commerce sites, apps or to trade through cryptocurrencies. But it is not as easy as it looks. For newbies, sometimes it is the worst experience.

Some of the reasons why Uptherium is important nowadays:

  1. Safety of assets: Users are not sure if their funds or assets are safe with their services which they use or not. It is not easy to trust someone without knowing him. Recent hacking attempts puts users thinking about the safety of their assets. The Crypto world is new, it needs more time to get more developed.
  2. Source of information: Currently there is no accurate, simple, customizable, and reliable source of information on which users can trust blindly and follow it.
  3. Using crypto online: Crypto transaction takes more time than expected and fees are also too high, sometimes. Transaction mostly takes more than half an hour and/or more. Sometimes it pretends to use cards for day-to-day use. The cost of the transaction is sometimes more than the total amount sent. But in comparison to banks, cryptocurrencies are cheaper and the fastest way to move.
  4. Exchanges response: Nowadays exchanges are not working as professionals. The attitude of exchanges towards the customer is not good when they raise good volume they act very differently.  The rates are sometimes are suitable for normal users and buy and sell fills are also getting very slow.
  5.  Purchasing online: Buying things online through crypto is not very much easy. Most of the sites don’t support crypto, so users need to move funds to banks and then use it. Even there are some sites that use crypto but it takes nearly a day to get the process completed.

Here Uptherium helps to defeat those problems. Given below are the solutions to the given problem:

  1. Joobra.com

Joobra is one of the best places where users can get the latest news and opinions of experts on joobra’s curated platform. Joobra shows the latest news from high-quality news portal sites. The quantity of the articles was maintained by the team, all the articles are high-quality articles. Opinions share option allows users to earn money from contents

2. MyTokenSwap

MyTokenSwap is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange platform. Most of the tokens are getting listed on these exchanges. The exchange rates and fees are too low in comparison to others, which is 1%.

3. Uptherium Pay

This will be a one-stop payment solution for your online shopping. Most of the major online stores will be partnered with uptherium pay. This will allow users to purchase anything from e-commerce sites at any time with their cryptocurrency.

Tokens and ICO details

Token name: Uptherium

Token Ticker: UPZ

ICO Start Date: 30th Oct

ICO End Date: 16th Dec

Token Rate: 0.10 USD

Total Tokens: 500,000,000 UPZ tokens

Accepting Coins in ICO: Ethereum, BTC LTC, and other coins


Funds and Token Distribution

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