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Imusify ICO Review (IMU) – Award-Winning Blockchain Music-Tech

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In the present music industry, money is an important instrument. The rapid music has prompted an extensive variety of roads for monetizing content. The issue, in any case, is that the music business was built as a unified framework for physical distribution. This was more down to earth in the 1970s when there was no internet & record labels were appropriating real records. This unified framework was not intended for the present advanced world & its obsolete structure create numerous wasteful aspects of the music value chain. Luckily, we presently have the technology to start to decentralize the music business, providing adding value to artists, consumers & other industry players.

Imusify is one of the pioneers of music’s decentralization development. Other blockchain music projects likewise indicate authority in handling certain wasteful aspects, for example, event booking & copyright management. In any case, what sets imusify apart is that it plans to serve diverse partners & players over the whole music value chain, including crowdsourcing, production, collaboration, musical promotion, live events & many more? While existing blockchain music ventures address some present entanglements of the music business, imusify is intended for what’s to come. We are building an adaptable & scalable technology structure for artists, music lovers, business people & developers to utilize our platform to interface with the imusify network, make community-oriented content & build new utilize cases. imusify ico review.

While blockchain poses heap opportunities to expand personal satisfaction for all intents & purposes in one way or another, working as a decentralized association presents an inherent risk. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies & exchanges, the boundary for speculation diminished significantly. The consequent surge of currencies & initial coin offerings entering the market has prompted a few economic boom & bust scenes.

Imusify considers it as an obligation to exhibit a durable document that enables us to get away from the “whitepaper position” of blockchain & currency trading & into the time of genuine utilization & genuine value. While most whitepapers don’t examine the more noteworthy setting of the blockchain economy, this examination can be profitable to our readers by clearing up the inescapable vulnerability of an imaginative wander like imusify, & by giving the fundamental information to partners & early adopters to settle on educated choices or decisions.

Imusify Key Components

  • Crowdfunding Engine
  • Transparent and fair payments
  • The marketplace of Music Industry Participants
  • Reward System
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Co-transformative copyright administration

The Imu Token Commercialization

IMU tokens will be utilized as the engine room to support one of the main working blockchain music economies, making a massive potential incentive for the token’s utilization all through imusify’s invasion into the business. In every association or exchange between artists, fans, & supporters, IMU is either remunerated from imusify’s IMU pool or utilized as money for currency for exchanging digital assets & administrations. imusify airdrop

The IMU utility token is a NEP-5 token that will be accessible for procurement. A part of the aggregate IMU will be made accessible through a token-sale keeping in mind the end goal to support the imusify platform’s development & launch. IMU tokens are utilities, not securities. Owning IMU tokens does not assign any responsibility for the organization, its intellectual property, or the rights to benefit from the period.

Imu Tokens Are Primarily Utilized to

  • Provide a consistent reward to artists on a per-stream basis
  • Reward clients for curating & adding to the content
  • Purchase & license content
  • Crowdfund artist content projects
  • Exchange an incentive between service providers & creators

Token Flow

The IMU utility token will be made accessible to the general population by means of a token sale. The token will be listed on a few exchanges following the conclusion of the token sale. The value of the IMU token will float in light of the current traded value.

IMU Token specification and ICO details:

Token type: NEO

ICO start date:  N/A

ICO end date: N/A

Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD

A rate of a token (ICO): 0.05  USD

Min purchase: N/A


Bonus: Up to 50%

IMU Token distribution details:

ICO and Pre-ICO: 45% and 20% for Private sale

Team & Advisors: 8%

Ecosystem: 8%

Partnership: 8%

Company: 8%

Charity: 2%

Rewards: 2%

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