Javvy – Crypto wallet and decentralized crypto exchange


Cryptocurrencies are digital goods or assets which work as a medium of exchange between buyers and sellers. Cryptocurrencies are the secure way to transact and confirm the deal. And after all transparency of blockchain or cryptocurrency attracts more users towards it. The crypto world is growing rapidly. We may say one day Bitcoin may replace USD (US Dollar) maybe after 30 or 40 years or so.

Development in the crypto world is also growing rapidly, with ongoing development crypto users are facing some problems too. Which requires the proper solution for the long term. Check below market challenges faced by users and their provided solutions by Javvy.

  1. Exchange security: We all know, nowadays one of the biggest problems in the crypto world is of Exchanges sites. Most of them have some negative feedback about their site. Security of sites is getting the break.
  2. Crypto wallet: Since starting crypto wallets are developed to store and send & receive cryptocurrencies. It was a basic feature of any crypto wallet. Even still most of the wallets are doing the same. They are just very simple and added with some basic guides on how to use.
  3. Wallets are limited: Currently, most of the wallets are limited in numbers of cryptos supported on them. Most of the wallets have Bitcoin, Litcoin, Ethereum and doge wallets.

Solutions provided by the Javvy team for the current problems. Solutions and Features are discussed below:

The Javvy team is developing crypto wallet and Decentralized crypto exchange which supports FIAT currencies for doing the trade of cryptos/tokens. ID verification (only when required) (KYC type). As mentioned in whitepaper Javvy will support crypto users from 170 countries will get the benefit of project/platform. This is not web based exchange or project so it will reduce the cost and time of team and users. Javvy supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Javvy tokens and moreover after ICO ends they will add top 500 coins and 50+ vetted tokens. Payment methods like the pre-paid debit card, eCheck or bank transfers are supported on a project.

Encrypted private keys for/on exch device and backup method for Private Keys.

Enforce to add secure passwords.

Crypto hardwares like Trezor and Ledger are supported.

Authentication through mobile, SMS and 2FA available.

For some limited use you don’t need to register on Javvy’s site. You can send, receive, convert or manage the crypto’s without getting registered on site. ID verification or KYC is only required for some advanced features like Buy and sell of crypto though FIAT and to participate in ICO or STO’s within the platform. You can join your favorite ICO from Javvy APP.

Funds and Token Distribution

75% Crowdsale and Airdrop (includes bounty)

10% Operations

05% Future talents

05% Founders or team

05% Advisors

Funds distribution as follow

45% Development

25% Operations

15% Marketing

15% Legal and compliance

Tokens and ICO details

Token name:  Javvy

Token ticker: JVY

Total tokens: 333,333,333

Hard cap: $8 M

Token price: 0.0004 ETH (2500 JVY/ETH)

Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)

Payment method: ETH

Bonus up to: 25%

Start date: 1st Dec 2018

End date: 28th Feb 2019

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Article written by Akhilesh (Bountyhive)