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PEARL PAY Review – Your Virtual Money Logistics System

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Pearl Pay is a Virtual-Money-Logistics-System that renders world-class service & affordable mobile wallet white-label services for rural banks. Utilizing the most recent innovation, Pearl Pay will enable rural banks to launch their own virtual prepaid mobile wallet in less than 30 days.

Something other than a virtual prepaid mobile wallet, PearlPay is a unique platform into which a broad scope of third-party services will be incorporated including local/ international money remittance, cryptocurrency exchange, & innovative payment solutions; enabling rural banks, Overseas Filipino Workers & Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. PearlPay is set to expand its international remittance services to Japan, Singapore, Middle East Hong Kong, and the United States in the coming years.

The Problem

Foreign payment network licenses & chip card-based payment technologies are extremely costly. It’s only a well-established bank that can offer such a service. Banks in the Philippines (February 2018): Rural Banks has the aggregate of 464 & 79%, Thrift Banks has the aggregate of 55 & 9%, Cooperative Banks has the aggregate of 25 & 4%, Commercial Banks has the aggregate of 22 & 4%, and finally, Universal Banks has the aggregate of 21 & 4%, the over-all total equivalent to 587 & 100%.

With the explanation stated above, 79% of the banks in the Philippines are rural banks. Only big banks & a handful of thrift banks are individuals from a foreign payment system, for example, MasterCard & Visa. Bancnet is a Philippine-based-Interbank-Network established in 1990. In spite of working in very nearly three decades, it just has a minor 6% market infiltration for rural banks. An amazing 94% rural bank does not approach Electronic-Money to know as E-Money. All E-Money transactions in the Philippines utilize the capital-intensive chip card-based technologies.

The Solution

Pearl Pay Pera Express Strategic Outlet is an innovative product intended to change micro, small & medium ventures with existing stores like the sari-sari store, pharmacy, hair parlor, pawnshop, gas station & other comparable sorts of organizations to wind up a money remittance agent.

PearlPay Remit is a mobile wallet application purposely designed for the millions of Overseas Filipino Workers that will enable them to transfer money to the Philippines with any single stress and at a small amount of a cost of a traditional bank wire transfer.

Pearl Pay Remit will utilize the Komodo Blockchain Platform. Komodo gives a structure & a white-label blockchain service that permits Pearl Pay to issue its own particular coins (i.e. PRLPAY Coin). PRLPAY Coin will be utilized as a medium of exchange which will enable our Overseas Filipino Workers to change over their fiat money into PRLPAY Coins; Pearl Pay Exchange will instantly & consequently convert the Overseas Filipino Workers PRLPAY Coins into the Philippine peso proportional.

Pearl Pay Exchange & ICO

Pearl Pay Exchange vision is to be the best exchange for trading cryptocurrencies, utility crypto-tokens, liquidity, & crowd-funding that energizes value development for the betterment of the world at large. Pearl Pay Exchange aims to provide a reliable, amazing & secured ICO platform, ensure the best enthusiasm of crowd-funding supporters & be the top platform for crowd-funding.

However, most organizations have expressed their interest in launching their ICO through Pearl Pay Exchange, 2 Philippine-based organizations, a US-based organization, & a UK-based organization. In partnership with Komodo, Pearl Pay Exchange will have the capacity to offer Notarization Nodes for dPoW (Delayed Proof of Work) to anchor the asset chains of the ICO listed organizations made within the Pearl Pay Exchange Ecosystem. The fund raised will be utilized to quicken the development of Pearl Pay which including:

  • SMS & USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) application improvement
  • Delivery channel interface with MatchMove, Creo, & Komodo platform
  • Android, IOS, & dynamic web application a development
  • Blockchain & Bluetooth Low Energy innovative work
  • Third-party administration reconciliation
  • Legal & Regulations Activities
  • Administration & operations
  • Strategic partnership
  • Marketing & sales
  • Global expansion

PearlPay Coin

The PEARL PAY Coin will fill-in as a cryptocurrency that will be the medium of exchange to help the Pearl Pay Remit & Pearl Pay Exchange items.

PRLPAYToken specification and ICO details:

Token type: KOMODO

ICO start date:  01/Sep/2018

ICO end date: 30/Oct/2018

Hard cap: 175,000,000 USD

A rate of a token (ICO): 0.2  USD

Min purchase: 100 USD

Accepting: BTC and KMD (KOMODO)

Bonus: Up to 20% (for Pre-sale only)

PRLPAY Token distribution details:

Tokensale: 35%

Team: 20%

Ecosystem: 30%

Partnership: 13.5%

Bounty and Advisors: 1.5%

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