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Mevu ICO Review – P2P Network to Bet on Anything, Anytime, Against Anyone!

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A Revolution in Online Betting

Sports-Betting has always been a well-known redirection and today it’s turned into a lifestyle for many individuals throughout the world. A contributing element in the present blast of Sports-Betting is credited to the appearance of the Internet. Online Sports Betting has reshaped the betting scene bigly. It’s presently more open than any time in recent memory and in a way has brought about transparency to an industry that used to be covered in mystery. On account of this, we currently have numerous options on how and where we place our bets.

The Market

The Sports Betting market involves the biggest market of the overall industry in the general betting business sector. It represents around 40% of the betting income generation globally. Technavio’s statistical surveying investigator predicts the global Sports Betting market will grow at a CAGR of in excess of 4% amid the conjecture time frame 2016 to 2020.

Mevu utilizes smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to permanently & transparently store player’s fund & information, providing players with certainty that their bets will be executed safely & rapidly. Revolutionary fundamental technology requires an equally revolutionary customer experience. Mevu ICO platform has been designed from scratch to be custom-made to the exceptional type of betting & settlement offered by the blockchain. Mevu plans to wind up the most revered global platform made only for players to bet anything against anybody.


Legalized & regulated sportsbooks enjoy marketing in standard channels; in any case, so as to do as such, sportsbooks need to get expensive licenses in each ward they work in. Regardless of paying for these licenses, regulations still deny organizations from numerous types of marketing in Canada, the USA, and Asia. These licenses have a tendency to have negative notoriety & don’t motivate much trust as there are different instances of sportsbooks treating their players poorly & failing to pay out the winnings. 10 – 41% of Americans disclosed that many won bet has gone unpaid.

Another problem with traditional sportsbooks is that the underlying capital required to help customer bets is restrictively high. The recommended minimum is to have under $300,000 with 1 million being the benchmark, and a more secure gauge to help bets legitimately.

Mevu ICO Solution

Mevu is a peer-to-peer, decentralized application that matches players who consent to odds on a bet. These bets can be fixated on a sporting event or clients can make custom bets on anything with two conceivable results. Running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the menu’s open-source smart contract makes an anchored escrow that is freely visible. This enables players to follow their Ethereum cryptocurrency all through each progression of the betting process. Making true serenity that once the winner is determined the Ether will be paid out rapidly, safely & consequently.

All funds are held within a contract on the blockchain & no individual, organization or government can meddle with the payout. Mevu for all intents & purposes wipes out the risk of hacking & administrative impedance as there is no single purpose of disappointment in a blockchain network. By clearing payouts on Ethereum, Mevu can cut the holding up times of traditional sportsbooks while reducing fees from 10% to as low as 2% since it is never handled by a bank or any outsider institution.

Mevu Token Supply

Mevu will likewise be including the capacity for token holders to compete no holds barred on provably reasonable gambling style mini-games. Cases of these games incorporate roulette & blackjack as well as simpler games, for example, shake/paper/scissors or dice rolls where whoever parts higher wins the MVU token staked. The fees engaged with these games will be 0.2% with a breakdown of 0.05 for each pennies being sent to the referral/ reward fund & the remaining 0.15% being scorched bringing the supply of MVU tokens down.

MVU specification and ICO details:

Token type: Ethereum

ICO start date:  09/Oct/2018

ICO end date: 10/Dec/2018

Hard cap: 15,300,000 USD

A rate of a token (ICO): 0.34  USD

Min purchase: 10 USD

Accepting: ETH

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