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CyberFM – Not Online Radio, we’re Radio, online (Already listed on Exchange)

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CyberFM – Not Online Radio, we’re Radio, online

Music is based on our creative ability & creativity. Only we can choose how significance is music to our life. It assumes a crucial part in the lives of nearly everybody. The most ideal way it causes us is by aiding in our state of mind. At whatever point we are sad or happy or excited, we listen to it. Be it ease back or quick one to set us moving. It can likewise put our brain to peace & calmness. It is history, it is science & it is entertaining. Numerous individuals are so influenced by it that they take it up as a career. CyberFM.

It gives diverse thoughts, methodologies & colors to life. If there should arise an occurrence of issues, it causes you to have a quiet personality & get the right answer to your problem. Numerous incredible artists made music their enthusiasm & have lived & relaxed for it. This has helped them in making music they believe in.

It is a universal language. It isn’t bound by any nation or race. It has a similar effect on everybody. We can relate it to some other part of our life like mathematics, science, language or history. Music offers soul to the universe, wings to the brain & mind, trip to the creative ability & life to everything.

Cyber-FM Radio is an idea pioneer in providing listeners access to music that isn’t typically accessible within the “Standard.” Chosen throughout the years by driving A&R Firms, Recording Studios, & Record Labels, Cyber-FM Radio offer creative administrations specifically to listeners at absolutely no charge, founded on October eleventh, 2007, Cyber-FM Radio have built reputation in the Music Industry by providing our Listeners Artists that depict an unmatched ability frequently inaccessible as of recently. We are continually endeavoring to enhance our services.

Android Version

Android Version accompanies DataSaver save & reduces your cell phone bill by activating “Data-Saver”. Cyber-FM Radio has attempted to offer you CD like quality music while utilizing 60% less data when streaming. This element will reduce data utilization from within our application by more than 60%.

Cyber-FM Radio consists of the following:

  • Streaming Radio
  • Online Radio
  • CyberFM
  • WiFi Radio
  • Internet Radio
  • Cyber-FM

CyberFM is an ERC20 Token; The CyberFM Token represents administrative compliance in digital form for artists that are currently registered with local representation. Cases include BMI in the U.S. what’s more, SOCAN in Canada. The Cyber-FM Radio Token will be utilized constantly for payment to all government regulation organizations around the world.

This ecosystem represents a universal, global currency that will remunerate all artists & entertainers over the world! The previously mentioned will be remunerated paying little mind to singular participation to their respective Performance Rights Organization. However, additional perks, rewards & income will be available when these members fully adopt our system.

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