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Investing at proper place is always profitable but only if you select proper platform to invest. Mostly people invest their  money on stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real state etc. also many people invest their money in gold. Mostly high return from investment is only possible if people invest on start up of business. Nowadays investment in new or private companies is highly sustainable and profitable to secure instant future return from investment. Even new companies recommend people to invest in their business. Many people are not much familiar how to investment, OnPlace Inc. providing suitable and understandable tool to help people to invest effectively and efficiently. With this you can invest your money in any  private business easily without any interruption. OnPlace Inc. is a unique platform for investors.

OnPlace Inc is the core company of two branches working in financial sphere.

The first branch is it helps to find risks involve in business projects at different levels and profitability. It is a simple crowdfunding platform, which helps unskilled or uneducated person to invest and increase profit

The second branch OnPlace Investments, is a investment platform which allow to become an investors of private companies.

The OnPlace Inc is a platform which provides suitable online investment platform that users can can easily get access to invest thier money in defferent comapanies with just couple of second and it can be completed easily and effective ways. The team of OnPlace is always there to help in your investment ideas and provide you guide how and where to invest your money. You will get every single detail about the company in which you are investing it gives you idea to invest in it or not.For example if you want to invest in Xiaomi Inc you can check here all detail of the business here it gives you detail about net revenue and devices sales and ROI of the business and many more detail available on the page

OnPlace ICO

The alpha version of this company is already launched and working fine at and there are already two projects available to invest they are Uber Inc. and Xiomi Inc. also more projects are coming soon.

The final platform’s form will allow (basic functions):
Investor’s account- The investment interface. Viewable detailed statistics on investments and returns.
Project owner’s account- The interface for placing project on the platform. Viewable main indicators of the project.

Beta version will launched after the end of first round of funding campaign (CI, ICO) which is already under development. Also there was a application for easy access available for iOS and Android.

The ICO of OnPlace Inc will start on 6th June and end on 6th July 2017, during this ICO OnPlace Inc is going to sell 10,000,000 OPL tokens. Click here to get more deatil about ICO

OnPlace Tokens

OnPlace Team

The OnPlace Team are specialists from all different business spheres, IT industry, Big Data
and Finances

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