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Earn Free Money With SmartRoulette With Proof UpTo 10$

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on June 12, 2017 by cryptocreed

In this post, I will guide you on how to earn free money from SmartRoulette with proof. I won 3RLT (3.5$) you can win up to 10$. We are giving 2RLT to everyone who won RLT’s in-game. Comment your username and deposit address in the comment box.


An account on Livecoin  (exchange RLT Tokens into BITCOIN)

Facebook or VK account (not mandatory)

MetaMask Extension (Use Only Google Chrome)

Next Step

Visit SmartRoulette website: click here

Then click on Win-Win Roulette


Now you can see you got your username randomly and 2,00,000 bonus credit with 200 free spins. You can change your username by using a signup option there.


Now have to play free spins until you get your free RLT tokens. You can choose any number

I won my 3RLT (3RLT=3.5$) tokens after completing 80 spins you can withdraw it to livecoin or play again.

1RLT = 1000 credit

Recently game won by me I added 2RLT and won 2.6RLT

Here is the proof I won 3 RLT

We are giving 2 RLT tokens everyone who won their RLT’s in-game.

The current price of RLT  is 0.6$, but its price of RLT token increasing very fast doesn’t miss this chance to get free RLT. Recently the price of one RLT was 4$. You can check the price of RLT here RLT/USD, RLT/BTC.


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