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Aventus – BlockChain Based Event Ticketing Protocol


The team from Imperial College’s cryptocurrency Research and Engineering Centre  launched The  Aventus a blockchain based protocol, with the aim of providing a secure and transparent event ticketing industry, which eliminate imitative tickets and unacceptable touting. Aventus will put the event ticketing industry in a decentralized manner.

The Aventus protocol allows organisers to create, manage and promote their events and sell tickets for other events. Aventus allows their users to set price and receive commissions on ticket resale. Aventus also giving rewards to them who promote events and help them to identifying fraudulent activity. This is new way to earn revenue for event organisers. Aventus solved the problems like, fraudulent activity, consumer confusion and inquitable of revenue distribution.

AVT is a Aventus Token. AVT is the fuel of the Aventus ecosystem, AVT needed to facilitate a decentralized and autonomous protocol for event ticketing industry. AVT has four pimary use are Event hosting, organisers must purchase AVT to pay the event creation price. Ticket Sales, which needs to purchased ticket of Aventus Protocol. Community stake: events can be reported as being suspected of being fictitious or fraudulent through a mechanism which involves putting up a deposit of AVT. Last one is Matching, the tickets which sold on the Aventus Protocol in the secondary market must be matched with buyers who have previously registered a firm intent in their purchase at their listed prices. This will be an on chain calculation that Aventus Protocol users can run and receive rewards for doing so.

The Aventus pre sale starts on 19Jun and public sale starts on 17th July.



  • Alan Vey director, Full Stack Engineer
  • Annika Monari director, Full Stack Engineer
  • Kavon Soltani, Head of Sales
  • Mario Vassiliades, UI/UX Design
  • Arnaud Gaboury, Head of Communications
  • Benedict Lewis, Full Stack Engineer


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