Best Way to Earn Bitcoins


There are many ways to earn Bitcoin’s online and offline both. Any job that you can do to get paid for national currency,you can in theory get paid for in Bitcoin.Here we collected some information by which you can earn Bitcoin’s. Best Way to Earn Bitcoins.

PTC or Paid To Click Websites (0.4$/Hour on avg.)

You can see as name suggests, these websites will give you small amounts of Bitcoins for visiting ads websites.On internet you can find many PTC websites some are legit and some are scam .We find some legit PTC sites.The most popular PTC website today is ads4BTC and BTCClicks. PTC sites will give you choices to view ads between given time.And if you have time to share your refferal link then you can earn extra by sharing.

Legit PTC Sites:


Ads per day- upto 30

Pay Per Click- upto 0.0004 mBTC

Minimal Payout- 0.0001 BTC


Ads per Day – upto 20

Pay per Click – upto 0.006mBTC

Minimum payout – 0.001 BTC

4BC Network


Ads per Day – upto 100

Pay per click – upto 500satoshi

Minimum Payout – 0.001BTC

Bits For Clicks

Ads Per Day – upto 30

Pay Per Click – 0.007mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.15mBTC


Banner 468x60txt

Ads Per Day – upto 20

Pay Per Click – upto 0.002mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.00015 BTC


Ads Per Day – upto 20

Pay Per Click – upto 0.002mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.00012 BTC

Best Bitcoin PTC site

Ads Per Day – upto 20

Pay Per Click – upto 0.002 mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.000075 BTC

Bitcoin Faucets (0.06$/Hour on avg.)

Bitcoin Faucets are a reward system,in the form of a website or a app that distribute bitcoin’s  as a rewards.Even though running own Bitcoin Faucet  is more profitable (with low capital).We have own faucets where you can make 10,000 satoshi every HOUR here is the link kingoffaucet. And here BITCOIN FAUCET you can find more faucets wich pay high rewards.

Find Work

The websites where you can get paid Bitcoin’s for doing anything as given there.Or you can get paid in any currency.You can try to find a job for which you’ll get paid in Bitcoin at any of these sites. A bitcoin job board.people  post jobs that they’re hiring people to do and people looking for work apply for the job if they are interested.

BitcoinTalk Service Forum: One of the most popular Bitcoin forum. similar to bitcoin Job board but it is in forum form,business can offer jobs and users can offer thier service to work.

XBTfreelancer: XBTfreelancer is place where you can BID on projects posted by persons.Fill your profile and bid minimum to get bid accept faster than others.


As per heading GAMBLING,you understand what it mean.There are lots of BITCOIN Gambling websites .It depends on your luck how much you earn,it doesn’t need explaination or skill to doing is one of the most legit GAMBLING site


Play Games:

Aside from gambling which is a also considered a game there are a  variety of bitcoin games that don’t require any investment and allow you to earn Bitcoins while playing.Some sites: Bitcoin Alien mobile app,,

Bitcoin Mining :

If you are a newbie then you probably don’t be pursuing this.If you are a veteran then you probably already know this.It needs lots of time,research,knowledge,skills and money that you will need to buy mining equipments.

Bitcoin mining perform on a your  computer, your computer’s attempts to solve a some mathematical question and everyone who’s mining for Bitcoin competes to solve it first.Whoever solves it first gets huge amount of Bitcoin.You think computer can solve the problems in a seconds but this is not the case. As problems are getting solved faster the difficulty of the problems increase and become harder to solve.

It’s not easy to mine Bitcoins for small miner (need time and money ).People and companies have invested millions into mining hardware and its hard to compete against them.If you have low cost electricity or free electricity(not possible) then you can try your best.

It’s better to try cloud mining than Bitcoin Mining. There are many online cloudmining sites .we will add them in next post after reviewing them.

Best Way to Earn Bitcoins