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Maiar Wallet Review: Maiar Is Now XPortal Powered By Elrond

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Heard lots about Maiar but don’t know if they are safe or not. Then don’t worry here we bring Maiar wallet review for you.

We know there are many types and numbers of wallets available in the crypto market each wallet comes with its best features and some offer better user interface or design.

So, what makes Maiar a good wallet? But before that is Maiar wallet safe or not? Who is behind Maiar’s wallet? How to use it? What is XPortal? and much more to know in this Maiar wallet review article.

Also, we are going to check how you can earn free coins or tokens using your Maiar wallet.

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What Is Maiar Wallet? Who Founded It

Maiar is an Elrond blockchain-based cryptocurrency wallet that was founded to power up the use cases of EGLD coins in the crypto market.

It is important for new users to know that Maiar is now known as Xportal and Elrond is now known as MultiversX. So we are going to take new and old names in this Maiar review.

Maiar is developed by the Elrond team itself and supported by Elrond CEO Beniamin Mincu. It is a decentralized mobile-based cryptocurrency wallet that is focused on the Elrond blockchain only.

It is a non-custodial crypto wallet where users can deposit crypto, send crypto, transact crypto, farm, trade, stake, and much more to know.

You can use the Xportal wallet on your Android and iOS devices.

What Are The Requirements

Creating a wallet on Maiar or xPortal is required to have a mobile number and a safe mobile device.

Mostly newbies just create a wallet and leave it on their mobile but they never check if their mobile devices are safe to create a wallet or not.

So it is important to have a clean mobile device.

The number is necessary to create a wallet, you can log in to your wallet using your number but do not lose the secret phrase. Your secret phrase is connected with your number.

How To Create An Account/Wallet on Maiar/XPortal?

To create your account on Maiar or Xportal you need to have their app and a mobile number.

xPortal home maiar home

Download the mobile app from here and open it.

Click on Create New Wallet button

xPortal Create New Wallet

After that you have to enter your mobile number, it will automatically detect the country code if it doesn’t then you can manually do it.

After entering the mobile number you will receive OTP submit that OTP.

Maiar Enter Mobile Number

It will show the message that your account was created successfully. Click on the Enter xPortal button.

xportal Enter Mobile Number

Now it will ask you to create a new pin or skip this step. I do suggest entering the PIN for better safety.

After entering your PIN it will land on your dashboard and ask you to enable Biometrics login.

xportal review

Now you are on the Dashboard.

Now go to setting and securely save your Secret Phrase, this is very important. Note it will not allow you to take screenshots.

Features Of Maiar or xPortal Wallet

Now let’s check out their top features which make them a better crypto wallet.

Cool & Attractive Dashboard

Not every wallet comes with a high quality, informative, and attractive wallet dashboard. You can easily find what they have on their dashboard, for sure you have to move your eyes.

From your dashboard, you can go to every setting and feature of your wallet just with a single click.

Limited Networks

You can call this their choice or con but yes they are limited to 4 networks only it is Elrond, Bitcoin, Binance, and Ethereum. All tokens supported are on the Elrond network.

Tokens like MEX, Ride, USDC, and UTK are on Elrond.

Send Crypto

You can send crypto from the homepage option, on your dashboard you can click on Send button and it will bring you to Send page.

xportal send crypto

Here you have to choose the coin they support, unfortunately, currently, they only allow you to send 4 coins Bitcoin, EGLD, Ethereum, and BNB coin.

Choose the coin you want to send and Enter the amount you want to send, then click on the Continue button, and enter your PIN to send coins.

Receive Coins

Yes, you can send only 4 coins but you can receive 8 tokens or coins. These coins are EGLD, MEX, UTK, RIDE, USDC, BNB, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Maiar receive crypto

For your information, MEX, EGLD, URK, RIDE, and USDC are available on the ELROND Network only.

Buy Coins

You can buy the supported coins within an app by their supported methods. Each country has different options to buy Crypto in the USA you can use MoonPay, Trasak, and Ramp providers.

Buy Crypto using Maiar

As we know transaction fee on Network is quite low, but service providers’ fees vary from service to service between 2 to 4%, more or less.

Stake & Earn

The xPortal app allows you to stake your eGold coin to earn rewards. You can simply stake your EGLD coins when they accumulate you can Claim them or unstake them anytime.

You don’t invest in the Maiar app but they have integrated service providers for staking where you can stake. By staking you can earn up to 8% APR.

Access Elrond Dapps Using QR

Like Walletconnect and Metamask, you can use the Maiar wallet to access any Elrond-based Dapps. Click on the button shown in the image below and you can scan the QR code to access the app.

Complete Missions and Claim Mystery Box

Want to earn free EGLD coins? This is the best and easiest method to start hunting for free coins. In the Mystery box, you can earn up to 100 EGLD coins for free.

Each mystery box contains 1 EGLD or 25 EGLD or 100 EGLD.

Swap On Elrond

You can swap more than 20 coins & tokens. Simply click on the Swap button from the homepage, then choose the coins in which you want to perform swaps.

On the next page enter the amount you want to send. Confirm the swap and receive your coins instantly in your wallet depending on the network.

Latest MultiversX News

Within the app, they provide all the latest news and updates related to the MultiversX and Maiar projects. By moving to the Insider page you can find all these details.

Download Maiar Wallet

You can download xPortal from the Play Store, App Store, and App Gallary.

On the Play Store, they have more than 1 million downloads with a rating of 4.0 out of 5 from 9k reviews. Better rating on App Store, users rated them 4.6 out of 5 from 400+ reviews.

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Maiar Is Legit Or Scam?

They got their name changed, so xPortal is legit or a scam?

Their wallet looks cool and attractive and you can put your trust when the founder of one of the most trusted coins is supporting it or is part of it. But still, you can’t trust anyone with your money.

It is important to check what their users have to say, let’s see if they were part of any scam or not.

On ProductHunt, they have a rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 from more than 335 reviews. No negative reviews I found here but some of the users said that the functionality of the app is very limited. That seems true to me as well.

On JustUseApp, they have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from more than 420 reviews. They have some negative reviews but they are negligible because most of the negative reviews are saying that the app is getting crashed.

When such reports are in fewer numbers then you can ignore them because the problem can be in the user’s mobile as well or a network issue but when this number increases then the problem arises but in this case, everything seems ok.


Maiar wallet is a legit wallet.

xPortal wallet is a legit wallet.

It is legit but they have limited use cases for a wide audience. You can use them only when you want to deal in Elrond. Because everything here moves around MultiversX. As safety is their first priority with design you can trust them with daily use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maiar wallet free to use or not?

Yes, you can download their mobile app for free from respective stores and can use it for free.

Maiar is working in every country?

Maiar or xPortal can be accessed from anywhere but there are functions that you can’t use in the country when crypto is restricted.

Is Elrond’s network fee high?

Elrond is now MultiversX and their network fee is multiple times lower than BNB and Ethereum.

Can I stake EGLD using the Maiar wallet?

Maiar allows users to stake their coins and earn a high APR of up to 8.08%.

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