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What Can I Buy With Bitcoin? Which Stores Accept Bitcoin & Altcoins

by cryptocreed
What Can I Buy With Bitcoin? Which Stores Accept Bitcoin & Altcoins

Last Updated on March 10, 2022 by cryptocreed

Buying things through Bitcoin is not easy because of the Transaction fee. Once upon a  time users have to pay more than 50$ per transaction. How anyone can think to buy a product whose actual cost is 5-10$.

For e.g. cup of coffee which you can buy for 5$ by paying in FIAT but at the same time if you pay with Bitcoin, you have to pay more than 60$. But at the time of writing, the transaction fee is around 0.5-1.5$.

There are some big companies that started accepting Bitcoin as a payment processor but later on, they removed Bitcoin from their list, What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

Big Companies Accepting Bitcoin

Dell:  Tech giant who dropped Bitcoin because of low audience and usage. If they continue using Bitcoin then it can directly affect the price of Bitcoin.

Steam:  Users can use Bitcoin for purchasing Games but stopped because of transaction fees.

Fiverr: Because of low demand they dropped Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Expedia: One of the largest travel sites suspended using Bitcoin.

Let’s check what you can buy and where you can buy through Bitcoin.

Overstock Overstock becomes the first biggest online retailer that starts accepting Bitcoin. Users can buy domestic products through Bitcoin on overstock.com

Microsoft – There is nothing to say about this company. Users can use Bitcoin to purchase games, movies, and apps by adding funds to their accounts. Microsoft is one that stores which stores accept bitcoin.

Shopify – One of the biggest eCommerce platforms allows users to start their own online shop by paying in Bitcoin.

NewEgg – Most of the miners like to buy mining equipment and hardware’s from NEWEGG. Bitcoin is accepted as a mode of payment on Newegg.

Dish – Internet and satellite TV service provider who started accepting Bitcoin in Aug 2014. DISH partnered with Coinbase to make payments in Bitcoin.

eGifter – This is the smartest way to use Bitcoin on Amazon, iTunes, Home Depot, and Dominos. eGifter is a site from where you can get a Gift Card for various sites like Amazon and others. Currently, there are more than 250 retailers where you can use your Bitcoin.

Some other sites which accept Bitcoin as payment

BodySculpt The Premier Plastic Surgery Practice to Accept Bitcoin in NYC

GhostBedOnline Mattress seller giant started accepting Bitcoin on Dec

Pizzaforcoins – For those who are living in the US can buy pizza with their Bitcoin and more cryptocurrencies. (update: they are closed now)

Do you want to donate using Bitcoin?

Now you can donate with your Bitcoin on BitHope, Bitgive, and fidelity.

There are thousands and more offline retailers are accepting Bitcoin for the list you can check on SpendBitcoin or on CoinMap.

These are some famous and known online merchants who accept Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as modes of payment.

Does Amazon Accept Bitcoin?

No, but still there is a method through which you can purchase things on Amazon using Bitcoin indirectly. Sites like Purse.io & SpectroCoin can help you to purchase on Amazon through Bitcoin.

Does Walmart Accept Bitcoin?

No, same as Amazon, it accepts gift cards. You can purchase a gift card using Bitcoin and can use it on Walmart.

Does eBay Accept Bitcoin?

eBay is not accepting BTC or didn’t even plan to accept it in near future. 

Does PayPal Accept Bitcoin?

Yes, recently in Oct 2020, Paypal announced that they are going to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, in some regions.

Does Alibaba Accept Bitcoin

No, it doesn’t accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as a payment method.

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