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Y360 Review: Yield 360 Gives Opportunity To Earn 360,000% APY

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on April 10, 2022 by cryptocreed

Looking for high APY generating projects? Then you are in the right place Y360 or Yield 360 is one of those crypto projects that allows its investors to earn the highest APY of 360,000%.

In this article on Y360 review, we will get to know what is Yield360, how to invest in them, what are their features, and why users are talking about them.

Let’s get started.

What is Y360 or Yield 360?

Yield360 or Y360 is the first 2.0 rebase staking protocol on Binance Smart Chain with auto compounding and EVM compatible chains that allow every investor to earn a fixed 360,000% on their holding.

Holders will get their share daily 110 times and 0.0206% every 13 minutes will be credited to your wallet. By holding Y360 tokens you will be able to vote in Y360 governance.

On being added to the platform or project automation protocol you get access to YALE, Y360 treasury fund YIF, deflationary tokenomics, and more.

On your investment of $1000 in their fixed rebase, you can earn up to $607,941.2260, this data is provided by the official website.

Project Audit

Before investing in any project you must and should check the audit report of the project, it shows if the project is ok or not.

In the case of Y360, it is audited by two known auditors. SolidProof and InterfiNetwork have audited the Yield360 project which you can view on their official Github page you can visit here to take a look at the audit.

Y360 Features

It is a feature of a project that makes the project different. This is the same case here we need to study, Y360 has competitors like Safuu, Libero, and Titano. But do you know most of these competitors don’t have those features which Yield360 has?

Let’s have a look at those specific features.

  • APY 360,000%
  • Fees 9%/11% lowest
  • Rebase Frequency 13 minutes lowest
  • EVM Compatible Chains
  • Anti Whale – SnifferBot- Dump Strategy
  • Automatic Burn
  • Cross-Chain Bridge
  • Auto Staking
  • Auto Liquidity
  • Manual Token BuyBack

These are the features that other projects don’t have and it gives trust to investors for investing in such projects.

Yield 360 Fair Launch or Tokensale

Y360 is going to have a fair launch and allow everyone to join their journey. They have already released and launched their dapp which you can access from here.

Fair Launch will take place on the PinkSaleFinance platform. Click here to directly visit the fair launch page of Y360.

Always do double-check the smart contract before conducting any action. You can find the smart contracts on their website so you can verify them before buying tokens.

The soft cap for this fair launch is 70 BNB.

Y360 Tokenomics

Y360 token is built on top of the BSC network so yes you need to be a supported wallet to receive and send tokens.

Token Name: Yield 360

Token Ticker: Yield360

Decimal: 5

Total Supply of Yield 360: 418,707.899 tokens

Pre-sale Tokens: 200,000 Yield 360

Liquidity Tokens: 102,000 Y360

Fair Launch Start Time & Date: 08/04/2022 at 15:00 UTC

Fair Launch End Time & Date: 10/04/2022 at 18:00 UTC

Pancakeswap Listing: Yes here (Crosscheck smart contract)

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Fair Launch

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